woensdag 21 december 2011

The Biggie

Against all expectations I've finished my Great Unclean One today.
This is an old OOP Rackham miniature of the Dwarves of Mid Nor Giant and I found him some years ago in a discountbasket in a shop long gone now.
And boy their miniatures still are a pain in the ass to paint, you'll be hardpressed to find an other manufacturer who'll put so much detail in their products.
Granted, that range consisted of real gems but sometimes overly detailed gems.
That said and done you'll no doubt notice this guy has hair and a beard.... so what and to make him stand out a bit more I've painted it a nice purple to clash with the green of his skin.
Said skin is a bit darker green in tone than the rest of the army but he's the boss so that's cool.
The Bubbly-base and rusted gear are again featured.
With this one added my little army starts to look a bit more like a fighting force and I'm not ashamed to admit that watching that army grow with lovingly painted miniatures still gives me goosebumps and a warm feeling.
For Nurgle!!!!

dinsdag 20 december 2011

A Regiment a Month part 8: Death from above

I've set yet another step on my path to immortality, or eternal damnation, today a unit of 15 Chaos Furies has been finished.
Those who are familliar with H.P. Lovecraft and his Ctulhu-mytos will no doubt recognise these as Nightgaunts.
I choose them not only because I like the models but also because they were cheap, quickly delivered and available in abundance at EM4 miniatures.
No assembly was required, unless you count gluing them to their bases as assembling, and painting them was easy due to a minimum of detail on the model.
An extra unforseen cost I had to make was special bases, the round base wich is attached to them fits nicely into the bases offered at Mantic Games so that cost was gladly made.
I was quite surprised by the height though, despite them being announced as 28 mm they are more towards 25mm and even then are fairly diminuitive but since they are a flying cowardly deamonic gardenpest that's more than ok by me.
Again I went with the 'bubbling ooze theme' for their bases to tie them in with the rest of the army.
To compenstate for the low variety in poses (only 3) I've opted to use all 3 hues on the unit that I have in mind on the entire army: Sickly Green, Puke Brown and Pale Skin.
I hope you like them

Next up: Great Unclean One

zaterdag 17 december 2011

A farewell

No worries, I'm not quitting my blog nor my hobby.
In fact, more Deamonic goodness is on it's way to get painted as I type this.
It's just that after years of loyal service my old and trusted Dungheap is no more.
All painted/halfpainted/unpainted bits of lead, plastic or resin are now organised into neat clear plastic containers instead of old carton boxes who's bottoms were falling out.
Trees and terrain pieces were ordered, occational cries of "oh here they are" and "can't remember I ever bought this" were often heard, walls were rediscovered.
It all went from total chaos to organised chaos in a few days time, the Missus came round to survey this piece of her realm and tought it good.
Truth is at first I was left with a feeling of sadness and nostalgia but after taking another peek inside and enjoying the sensation of finding something in no time those feelings vanished like the morning mist.
The King is dead, long live The King!!!

zondag 27 november 2011

More greetings from Down Under

Today I've managed to finish another 2000 points worth of PacFed for my expanding army.
It consists of 1 Bennelong command vehicle, 2 Minigwal fast attack vehicles, 4 Cougar tanks, 6 Tanami SPG's, 8 Wombat APC's and 1 unit of conscript infantery because I had 10 points to spare.
I'm still not to sure exactly why I've crammed in 6 artillery pieces since I've had bad experience with them in the past but then again those were 'off table' and these aren't so maybe they'll perform better.
This by no means THE 2000 points add-on to my starterforce, I'm painting the whole thing up at 2000 a time so that leaves me with 'only' 4000 points left at the moment and yes I'm planning on making this a 10000 point army just to see what it looks like on the table and maybe even let it all loose on the opposition one day.
The Bennelong has a little dot-art painting on it, the story behind it is that it is crewed by an Aboriginal commander who insists on having a native painting on his vehicle for good luck.
It was fun to do and originally I wanted every tank in the army have something similar but in the end decided against it, to much extra work but one wouldn't be to hard so it got a tortoise to keep it compagny.
I hope you like them

                                          Detail on the dot art tortoise

                                          I you've ever wondered what a 4000 point PacFed
                                          army looks like.....
                                          THIS IS IT!!!!!

donderdag 24 november 2011

A regiment a month part 7: Nurgle's minions

As promised I'm continuing where I left off at the end of october: the next 'series' of ARAM.
I finally managed to paint up a bunch of miniatures I'd had  lying around here for ages, with the rediscovery of Warhammer it seemed a good idea to get them ready for battle.
The Plaguebearers are in fact Blights wich were gathering dust in The Dungheap, only the command unit and Beast of Nurgle are new.
I wanted to make them all look slimy and dirty and wading trough ooze, I think I succeeded rather well.
Their primary colour is green and rotten flesh and with a dilluted brown wash to make them more yuckie.
The rusted weapons are featured too, no shiny stuff here unless it's something rotten.
I had a great time painting them and I'm looking forward to get the next set ready tomorrow.
Now usually I don't advertise for miniature developers but this time I'll make an exeption to the rule.
The Blights are from Heresy Miniatures http://www.heresyminiatures.com/ and the beast was bought at Black Cat http://blackcatbases.com/.
I've had dealings with both via mailorder and live at a show and I can honestly say these are some of the nicest people you can find in the wargamingworld, they deliver great products at equally great prices and ship your orders to you fast so what more could you wish for.
Hope you like the mini's.

                                          The whole group with the Herald

                                          Close up of the Plaguebearers

                                          The Command unit

                                          Beast of Nurgle

maandag 21 november 2011

Pox, plague and pestilence!!!!

I fell ill today: coughing, sneezing, soare troath, headaches, you name it..
I've taken this blessing of the good Father Nurgle to start work on my little deamon army in His name.
Hopefully with this lovely gift from the Plaguefather I'll be able to finish my 1000 points Warhammer army soon, expect pics later this week.
I've also taken the liberty of making an objectivemarker, I don't know if I need one but that doesn't matter as these things are a load of fun to do and can be really tailored to match your army.
In my case it's a rusty cauldron filled with bubbling ooze sitting on top of a pile of skulls, you get the picture.

zondag 13 november 2011

Greetings from Down Under

Well it's another Crisis come and gone and boy it was fun.
C'11 assured my firm return to the 6mm range and WFB with more models for both systems on their way.
One of the 'tiny things' I bought was about 8000 points (I found this out to my surprise myself afterwards) worth of PacFed for Future War Commander for the new FWC campaign in The Farside.
This time I choose the side of the Human defender and not the Alien attacker and so I've opted for a simple and straightforward armylist.
The fact that the models were cheap AND to my liking vastly helped my choice too.
Here are the first pieces of the 105th Brisbane 'Doongara'.
Doongara means lightning in the Aboriginal language wich suits my army of grav vehicles just fine.

Sorry for the rather poor quality of the pic, my camera is slowly dying after years of loyal service.

zondag 30 oktober 2011

Please Sir, I want some more

And that's my first instalment of 'A regiment a month' over with and I can honestly say it was great fun.
In hindsight I could've done things differently, loosing that ACW infantry for a while was a bit of a blow but then again I'd never have finished those Khadorians or that Gundam.
So is this the end you might ask?
Surely not!!!
Crisis is fast approaching ( http://www.tsoa.be/crisis_general.html ), orders have been made and plans set in motion, my brushes won't have much rest I can guarantee you all.
You can expect me to continue where I left off, those Confederate Cavalerists are just begging for a lick of paint and my deamons are eager for my divine attention.
I will also make my return to the 6mm department : PacFed for Future War Commander, French for WWII Blitzkrieg Commander and maybe some more Huns for Warmaster Ancients.
Some VicSciFi will make an appearance to, I've ordered some ACW sailors to crew a small aeroneff I bought second hand from Tomsche.
I also have some 6mm scenery projects in mind but those wont count for any ARAM projects, they'll be just little fun stuff I'll do inbetween.
So on to ARAM2 for me and I hope more will follow, This will last untill Salute 2012 wich I'll hopefully attend again.

In the meanwhile: keep those brushes wet with paint and ink lads!!!!

A regiment a month part 6: The Heralds calling

I sort of crashed and burned allthough not entirly by my fault.
Normally it should have had the title of 'Thundering of hooves' or someting similar, featuring my usual chatter about the miniatures and pictures of 24 Confederate cavalerists but it was not to be.
This month started with some very high workpressure since the plant where I work had a part of it shut down for a 3 week huge maintance and so we had to build scaffolds left right and center even on saturdays and in overtime, needless to say this left me with very little spare time to paint said 24 horsemen from scratch.
Maybe I should've been less lazy and started working on them in advance, I could've come out triumphant after all.
Luckily faith intervined in another way, Games Workshop has wormed it's way back into The Far Side and since I still had a fairly amount of deamons lying around my butt was saved due to a 'regiment's' ability to consist of 1 model if need be.
I painted up my Herald of Nurgle, he's a failry old GW model of a Chaos sorceror with a fly face but I think he's just ideal as a fully fledged deamon.
Anybody who's a bit familliar with The Plaguelord know that his followers don't take personal hygiene very serious so no clean robes or shiny weapons for this dude, you can practically fry chips in the grease on his clothes and all the metal is corroded beyond hope.
I've attempted to paint his skin the same way as my favorite fly: the common green bottle.
No springy meadows for Nurgle's Children either, no flowers or green grass, no fertile earth and shiny pebbles.. he's standing in bubbling ooze where all the shiny-winy, ding-dong-Disney crap used to be.
I hope you like him because I surly do.

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

I knew it!!!!!

I knew this would come back to haunt me, once one swears loyalty to the Ruinous Powers there's no going back.
A long time ago when I was young and foolish I swore an oath to Father Nurgle, Lord of Flies and Decay and purchased several units for a mixed mortals, deamons and beasts army.
The Eternal Enemy from Nottingham (nope, NOT the Sheriff you clowns) however used His foul magicks and separated the 3 armies, never to be joined again and so I walked away in disgust and dissapointment vowing never to return and playing to their terms.
For years I was happy and feeling free, I even started a family and carved out a living for myself and my loved ones knowing that time itself would eventually break The False Ones hold over the gamingcommunity since they've always insisted on flooding the world with overly expencive miniatures.
But all that wasn't meant to last, when I checked our forum today I saw a sign that drove all the air from my lungs.
The Dawi Zarr, or Chaos Dwarfs, are returning and with them they try to drag as much souls as they possibly can into the maelstrom called Warhammer.
I cannot stand idle, my warrior's soul wich I tought dormant for all these years is stirring and in the back of my mind I can hear the Plague Lord's siren song.
I bow my head in obediance and renew my fealty to Father Nurgle....
The Deamons are on the march.....

What you kids can see here is the beginning of my Nurgle Force and those with large eyes and even larger brains will notice that very few models are GW's, I do have some pride left you know.
(Fromleft to right and bottom to top)
The Greater Deamon is an old Confrontation model, The Herald is a Classic Games Workshop Chaos Champion with fly-head, The Plaguebearers are from Heresy Miniatures and the commandgroup is in the mail, The Nurglings are a mix of GW and Heresy miniatures and the Beast of Nurgle is a scratchbuild of a real sea shell and whatever crosses my path in the Dungheap.
To be continuid....

donderdag 29 september 2011

Super Sidekick

Doomsayer, my Evilmindpowerwielding Supernastie, needed a Supersidekick.
My gang has some muscle but they wont always be around to protect Doomies scrawny ass so a more permanent bodyguard was called for.
A 5 minute quest trough 'The Dungheap' was enough to provide 3 lying around Soultokens from Privateer Press, they fit the picture just nicely being spectral and all.
I've painted them in the same colours as Doomsayer's flames to tie them together and using the reversed highlighting as before.
It's a technique I still have to master a bit but wich is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.


                                          Master and servant

dinsdag 27 september 2011

And again...

I've managed to paint yet another mini for my Supervillains, The Forces of Midnight.
It's a brightly coloured lang range cuty named Crosshair.
She comes from Infinity's Haqqislam range , Ive never had so many different manufacturers in 1 gamesystem.
She's the latest but by far not the last in my collection of superbaddies (another has it's basecoat drying as we speak, sidekick for a super) cause I have my eye on at least 2 more miniatures.

maandag 26 september 2011

Taking a break: SUPER(B) !!!!!

As I said before: I need a break from all the grey.
And every cloud has a silver lining, I got called back from work today cause my youngest son got ill (nothing serious, just a heavy cold) so that gave me the opportunity to finish off my model of my next super villain.
Friday'll be D-day for my nasties and they will be joined by Doomsayer, a super with evil mindpowers.
He's one of Gamezone's Chaos Sorcerers but I tought he was suiting as an asset for my troupe.
I chose dark robes with bony armourplates for him ( evil mindpower wielding supervillains do NOT wear bright and shiny spandex as far as I know) and gave him icy blue flames.
I tried to paint some backlighting effect, or whatever it's called, on his robes and hands to some succes.
I hope you like him.

zaterdag 24 september 2011

A regiment a month part 5: Confederate infantery

Today I've realised I bought these miniatures at Crisis 2008, when I finish my cavalery next month (wich were purchased at the same time) there will be a 3 year gap inbetween....
I got my first ECW miniatures in 2009 so I recon the marquis of Montrose will command his troops somewhere between 2012-2013 :-p
All jokings aside, I had to struggle to finish them due to a fragging cold (it's better now thank you very much) and a lack of enthousiasm on my part.
I enjoy painting minis and the testinggame between Tomsche and me was fun indeed, I love the ACW but I'm growing a bit tired of painting grey most of the time so I'll be happy when it's over with.
I recon it's time for a small break before I roll in the cavalery in october.
This 33 man regiment is flying the Louisiana colours and is painted in a more rag-tag look wich is what I like so much about the Confederates.
The banner was ordered at Redoubt and is of the 3th Louisiana.
Why Louisiana you might ask? Why not Virginia? The reason is simple: I've got a fondness for Cajun cooking.... from Louisiana :-)))

zondag 4 september 2011

John Pegram

Today I've finished my miniature to represent Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram
I've painted him in a darker gray coat and gave him black trousers, shoes and hat to make him stand out from the crowd.
He was a man in his late 20's when the civil war started so I gave him a pose of someone with the confidence of youth and sure victory, hence he's resting his sword on his shoulder.
Since no manufacturer I know of has a suitable miniature of John Pegram I decided to scrachtbuild one from the Perry's plasticrange, obviously the body and arm came from the infantry sprue and the hat was donated from the cavalry department.
I hope you like him.

John Pegram

Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram's miniature ready to defend Rich Mountain

vrijdag 2 september 2011

And so it kicks off

Next fridayevening will be my ACW baptism of fire, rather literally since I'll be 'hiding' behind a wall while shooting the enemy, and will be played with Crusader's Rank and File-rules.
They use a '4 miniature per base' kinda system in the case of infantery and all my guys are based individually since I feel this gives me a greater freedom when choosing a rulesset, also it's out of cheer force of habbit (damn Warhammer....)
So I needed  movementtrays, 40x40 mm ones, cheap, pronto,.... bugger
Luckily a funny smelling midget strolled by saying 'fear not Mylord for I have a cunning plan' and pointed me to a stack of balsawood in all sorts of sizes and shapes wich I had lying about in The Dungheap for God-knows-what silly project I had in mind then.
After an hour or so of cutting said balsa wood and coming out of it with all my digits intact I had, after some minor glueing, 6 servicable temporary movementtrays/ 4 model stands in front of me.

As you can see it works pretty well even though they stand almost 10mm apart and yes these are the models I'm painting for the septemberissue of ARAM.
The geezer in front will be Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram for the Battle of Rich Mountain.

Let the hostilities begin.

woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Thanks all

Due to some technical issues (me and pc's... it'll never be a solid and loving relationship) I'm experiencing some problems right from the beginning with leaving comments on other peoples blogs and sometimes even commenting on my own stuff.
Rest assured that I do read all your comments and appreciate them very much.
I do look at all your posts and admire them a lot.
It's just that I don't want to leave an ungratefull and sultry impression about myself, I'm not like that at all (more nausiating and rude if you ask those I know).
So here I'd like to leave to you all a big 'thank you' for the nice things said and yet to be said about my miniatures and a wopping 'great work lads' to all my follower's creations.
I already know now that I'm gonna miss this and I do hope that an ARAM II: The paintbrush strikes back (or something) will start in november.

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

A regiment a month part 4: ACW Confederate cannons and colonel

This week I finally managed to finish my first Confederate pieces for my expending army.
I took a leaf out of Skratch's book and considered 2 cannons as a single regiment, just don't ask me what barrels I've put on them, it were the only 2 I could find.
To sort of celebrate the rediscovery of my 28mm ACW infantery I've painted up my colonel too: colonel Robert Sylvain Burnette leading his part of the 5th Louisiana to glory ( at least I hope he will )
I've watched Gettysburg again a few days ago to take a good look at the uniforms, I ended up in bed around midnight having seen the whole movie anyway, and aparently these lads shared the same rag-tag look as most units of the south.
A look wich I like very much since it gives you a mass of variety on the battlefield without going all 'Orky'.

 Colonel Robert S. Burnette

dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Yankees!!!! YEEEH-HAW!!!

Today I was rummaging trough 'The Dungheap' looking for parts for some small project I'm doing.
When I opened a box wich was containing 1/72 tanksprues I found my ACW infantery staring back at me.
I tought I'd lost them for good and there they were, guess the neighbours heard me yelping out of cheer joy !!!
So scratch The Motherland, scratch any Pulp projects I had in mind, scratch my Malifaux Gremlins, the boys in grey have returned.
5th Louisiana reporting for duty SIR!

zondag 24 juli 2011

A Regiment A Month part 3: For the Motherland

Ok, sorry for the lesser painting quality but I broke a finger at work and it proved to be a bit troublesome to hold a miniature with my left hand, it's the one with the 'disabled' middlefinger, and paint with the other.
I've also posted my entry a week early since I'll be on holliday by the deadline time and I'm not driving back from Germany just to post something on my blog thank you very much, hopefully I'll be sitting on a sunny terras sipping local wine and watching the Mosel river flow by instead.
That all said and done I'l like to introduce you all to the good Prince Vladimir Tzepesci from Khador aka The Dark Prince of Umbrey.
Standing next to him both left and right are some nice and lovely Berzerker Warjacks, fully ready to charge and attack at his command, probably they will blow themselves up in the process due to their unstable cortexes but that's just all part of the fun isn't it?
I couldn't resist giving the Prince a cloack made of  the skin of a Syberian Tiger, nothing against these critters personally but I tought it suited his royal status and it contrasts nicely with all them reds and gold.
The 'letters' you can see on top of the 'Jacks are actual Cyrrilic numbers where 'A and B' stand for '1 and 2' respectevly, I had to look them op since my Russian is a bit seedy at the best of times.
Normally entry number 4 will continue with this since I'd like to have a fully painted Khador army just for once.

zondag 26 juni 2011

A regiment a month part 2: Z'Gok Gundam

On friday-evening this beauty fell into my hands and I desided rather quickly to paint it up for the blog.
It's a Z'Gok Gundam and will be seeing most action as a display piece here at my home.
That's why I've chosen for a scenic base wich is mounted on a cd.
On occation however I will take it for a walk on fairs in a demogame Tomsche's nailing together.
All in all it's the biggest thing I've done to date and I must say I'm rather pleased with the result.
I couldn't resist in making the colours brighter and the torso's even lighter than the legs and arms, to bad it doesn't show on the pictures.

Detail on the base

'Are you feeling lucky Punk?'

maandag 13 juni 2011


Today started as a bummer, I've decided to get on with my Confederate infantery only to find out that I've lost them somewhere.
I'm afraid my ACW-adventure ends here and if they wont turn up someday it'll be a permanent ending, I'm not gonna buy them again.
So now I've got 3 options left for me in vieuw of the 'Regiment a month':
1/ Get into a tantrum, saying I'm giving up on my 'stupid hobby' and make everyone around miserable for a while
2/ Start a period of lamenting and forget about my monthly painting contribions.
3/ OR, I could seize this opportunity to start work on something completely different.
So nr 3 it is, I'm going to exploid my renewed loyalty to the Motherland and start painting my Khadorian Battlegroup.
It'll rise in it's bright red Russian themed glory as of today.
Come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised in the least those sceming Commies have kicked out my Confederates personally... stranger things have happend in the 28mm world

donderdag 26 mei 2011

A regiment a month part 1: Saturnians

Let's start with the boring stuff: ranting :-p
I've come to several conclusions wich I will share with you before the fluff.
1: I need one more lamp to ipmrove on the lighting when taking pics.
2: I may need a new and improved camera, mine sucks and this reflects in my pictures.
3: I've been lazy and could've finished more models, my Saturnians are Babylon5 Narns and I was lucky to find another box of them at half price in a shop.
4: I actually need my glasses to paint fine details like belts and eyes, I'm getting to old for this shit :-D
Uhm... ok, that was it.
These Saturnians were painted for the , in the mean while postponed, relaunch of pulp in our gamingclub.
I've had these models lying around for some years and now the time was ripe to paint them.

Saturnians aren't overly hostile, they prefer logic and reason above all else and are capable of turing nigh on everything into a form of art.
Their skintone can vary from dark grey to blue-ish white and their eyes are orange tinted, they have about the build and height of a Human and are a bit more muscular due to the high gravity of their planet.
Clans are lead by a Mystic or wiseman who performs the role of shaman and chieftain and are higly respected by all other Saturnians.
Their weapons are custom made and highly sought after by collectors galaxy-wide, swords and guns are decorated with intricate designs and gems depending on the owner's wealth and status.
While beautifull to look at these weapons are lethal none-the-less.
Saturnians are slow to raise arms and will only engage into combat if all else fails, this will almost always be accompagnied with appologies and last miniute pleas for peace.
It is not uncommon for a Saturnian to injure an enemy only to give first aid to him afterwards.
This all said and done they can be dangerous to anyone who means them and their allies harm.
They also make use of beasts found in their system and mercenairies who have less problems with violence.
Some of these animals are Cave Droggans and Dione Psybeasts.
Cave Droggans resemble insectoid reptillians with patches of coarse hair and can come in any variaty of vibrant colours, wild species are fairly agressive but when raised from the egg they'll become as loyal as a dog and can be quite playfull.
Some Droggans are selectivly bred in captivity and make nice pets but are a bit frowned upon by any fans of the 'true Droggans' who call these diminuished critters 'Lapdroggs' and ' Barking Wats' (a Wat is a small rodent commonly found on Saturn)
Psybeasts are exclusivly found on the moon of Dione and are a mystery even to Saturnians, they can cloud the mind and shift into and out of reality, why exactly they help the Mystics is unknown.
Thraxian Mercs are pallid hulking humanoids with more muscles than brains and will always work for the highest bidder, regularly a band of these thugs will swap sides during a conflict at the promise of more money.
Most surveilance is done by gravitating drones who are capable of identifying and, if necessary, kill an intruder.

                                          Mystic(Lead) and his faithfull Cave Droggan

                                         Thraxian Mercenairies (compagnions)

                                          Psy Beast and Drone (compagnions)

                                         Saturnians armed with swords (followers)

                                          Saturnians armed with guns (followers)

                                          It always helps to have a friendly face or two around in case of an emergency

                                         Group pic... smile at the birdie kids :-p
That's it for now, june will be much more down to earth and a blast from the past.