maandag 16 juli 2012

City Slickers

For some time this thing has been brewing and since last friday the volcano called 'Mordheim' has erupted.
Mordheim, as some might know and shame on those who don't, is a skirmished based 28mm miniature game set in the Warhammer world revovling around the ruined city of Mordheim.
Some call this thing 'Necromunda for fantasy' and since I've never played Necromunda I'll agree with that, but I do know for fact that it's the most fun game ever by Games Workshop.
The aim of the game is that you assemble a warband of suitable cutthoaths and venture out into the city to find loot, obviously you're not the only one with this idea and so you'll soon come to blows with your rivals.
Your warriors can gain wealth and experience by fighting and surviving but they can also suffer wounds that have an effect on their characteristics wich I think is brilliant.
A fair few warbands were created by GW and a lot more stuff is fanbased and whilst I support the fans I followed my instincts and opted for a gang of Possessed, in short Chaos Cultists.
One thing I must tell you is that I'm currently unemployed so the whole thing is done on a budget but this doesn't mean it was gonna be pug-ugly.
Years ago the Powers of Chaos granted me a nice set of miniatures from Heresy and these came in handy as a Magister, Brethren and a Dark Soul, the beastman is a Sebeki miniature from Crocodile Games.
The Possessed is a whole different story... I picked him up at the bring and buy at Crisis last year for scratch and kitbashed him with plastic bits from GW and a nice amount of green stuff.
So now I have a 6 man warband of Chaos lovers called the 'Cult of the Black Pit' for ziltch.. who said wargaming's expencive?

And here they are partily painted

It's impotant to think about the future and prepare yourself, I only got 2 heroes so at first my Wyrdstone income will be low so as soon as I can afford him Brother Maddox will join the gang.

The body is from Hersey, the head from a Warlord Games Celt, the tentacle from Black Cat and the sword from I don't know.

Enjoy it Mortals!!!

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

A call to rusty arms

More Gremlins have enterd the fray in painted condition, the whole So'mer Teeth Jones boxed set is now finished.
If I can manage to paint up the stuffed piglets, taxidermist and pigapult before thursday I can go to The Outpost with my head held high!!!
The 4 Bayou Gremlins were painted with a more limited colourscheme, mainly brown, grey and blue.
This was then applied in different configurations to create a rag-tag look and yet give them a uniform feel.
The same unhealthy green skintone was used, again to tie them visualy to So'mer and to make it look like a whole.
The rusty guns are there too just as the marsh bases.

The rider on the warpig was given the same treatment as the rest of the gang whilst the hog itself got a pure pink basecoat wich got gradually highlighted to a more mundaine skintone in order to create a rozy healthy looking beast.
The spots on its hide were first painted on in a grey basecoat and given a grey/elf flesh highlight

And to finish, here's a group pic with So'mer taking the leader's place of honour in the back.

All in all I'm happy with them, they're fairly easily to assemble and they're straightforward to paint.
What they lack in scultped details they make more than up in comical value and to be honest I don't like painting lot's of chains and gems and other little gewgaws anyway so that' fine by me.

I must say that in real life they look better and for once this isn't due to a dying camera but thanks to a brand new one wich I'm not yet used to yet.

See you next time all.

woensdag 4 juli 2012

In the So'mer time

Last week I got an invite to come to a Malifeaux demo at the Outpost in Antwerp for next thursday, the 12th that is.
And believe it or not but I happened to have some minis for that game lying around: the Bayou Gremlins.
They're about the only faction in the game that I liked at that moment (little did I know those Japanese ghosts were on the way) and still like to be honest (who needs Japanese ghosts anyway) due to their extremely high redneck-hillbilly style.
Some time later the So'mer Teeth Jones boxed set and a few extra pigs were delivered on my doorstep.
And now, after some considerable time, I finally managed to paint up the big guy: So'mer himself.

I gave him dirty clothes, a rusty gun, an unhealthy green skintone and a red, white and blue top hat (he's American after all) wich has seen better and certainly cleaner days.
The planks are remains of a wooden walkway wich you often find in marshy areas and it's a theme featured troughout the whole... army...
All in all he's a fun little guy to paint, not overly detailed but with nice little touches like the medals on his hat and the cigar.

I hope you like him.