woensdag 14 november 2012

And second over the finish line issss: JUNGLE BUNNY!!!!

And the race is over, after a few false starts (the blogspot votings didn't work properly) I can proudly claim second place in the scratchbuild Deathroller competition.
The price: a set of custom made dice.

I voiced my hopes to end in the top 5, I never expected top 3 tho so you can all understand I'm a happy person.

The entry that did won was more than deserved, it was a good piece with a nice and crisp paintjob.

Gamingbuddy Tomsche, who brought this competition under my attention finished 6th.
The poor lad really wanted those dice and if I had won, I would've given them to him gladly.

Here's the link to the competition where you can find all the entries, the winner is nr 5, Tomsche nr 1 and me nr 2 http://www.talkfantasyfootball.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=37334

And here he is, one more time in his full glory


dinsdag 6 november 2012

Children of the Khorne part 1: The fall from grace

And so began my journey on the path to eternal glory and life immortal.

The baying of hellish hounds, the wailing of souls forever in torment and the chanting of deamons accompanied me as I knelt before the pile of skulls in the pool of blood that I had created in worship and so I pledged my allegiance to Lord Khorne.

Last saturday TSA, our gamingclub, hosted it's annual fair: Crisis.
I'll leave out all the details of it's glory, know that it was by far beter than the previous editions, but know that I went there with a 'mission'.

Ever since Warhammer 40K's 6'th edetion came out it has got me in it's grip, that game is fun again and so my Necrons came out of their stasis crypts to retake the galaxy.
At least they tried, they got beaten back time and again by Orks and Chaos Marines.
I'm not giving up on them, it's a gorgeous army and one I fully intend on expanding in the future but Chaos has me in it's sway.

In fact, Chaos always had since my ever first 40K army was an all female Slaanesh Marine force.
This time I'm throwing in my lot with the aggresive berzerkers of the bloodgod Khorne.

First of the paintingtable was Vrakûll, my Chaos Lord and thanks to his mark of Khorne he can take the aforementioned Berzerkers as troops.
I'm intending to build this army as close combat orientated as possible, how else can you chop peoples heads of if you blow them to bits from afar.

The obvious colours were ofcourse red and brass, I added some parts in plain iron and gave an extra highlighting to the leering deamonface on his shoulderpad with a purple tongue for contrast.
The skullbase was a must, Black Cat produces them cheap and to a fairly good quality.

Next up will be a unit of 12 Khorne Berzerkers, followed by a second unit of these bloodthirtsy maniacs and a unit of Raptors wich brings me to a nice 650 points worth of carnage.

The Marines of Hatred Eternal shall aid in burning the galaxy.