zondag 24 juli 2011

A Regiment A Month part 3: For the Motherland

Ok, sorry for the lesser painting quality but I broke a finger at work and it proved to be a bit troublesome to hold a miniature with my left hand, it's the one with the 'disabled' middlefinger, and paint with the other.
I've also posted my entry a week early since I'll be on holliday by the deadline time and I'm not driving back from Germany just to post something on my blog thank you very much, hopefully I'll be sitting on a sunny terras sipping local wine and watching the Mosel river flow by instead.
That all said and done I'l like to introduce you all to the good Prince Vladimir Tzepesci from Khador aka The Dark Prince of Umbrey.
Standing next to him both left and right are some nice and lovely Berzerker Warjacks, fully ready to charge and attack at his command, probably they will blow themselves up in the process due to their unstable cortexes but that's just all part of the fun isn't it?
I couldn't resist giving the Prince a cloack made of  the skin of a Syberian Tiger, nothing against these critters personally but I tought it suited his royal status and it contrasts nicely with all them reds and gold.
The 'letters' you can see on top of the 'Jacks are actual Cyrrilic numbers where 'A and B' stand for '1 and 2' respectevly, I had to look them op since my Russian is a bit seedy at the best of times.
Normally entry number 4 will continue with this since I'd like to have a fully painted Khador army just for once.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Even your "lesser quality" is still top stuff! You deserved your holiday ;-)

  2. Yeah, your lesser paint quality surpasses my best quality. Nice work!