donderdag 29 september 2011

Super Sidekick

Doomsayer, my Evilmindpowerwielding Supernastie, needed a Supersidekick.
My gang has some muscle but they wont always be around to protect Doomies scrawny ass so a more permanent bodyguard was called for.
A 5 minute quest trough 'The Dungheap' was enough to provide 3 lying around Soultokens from Privateer Press, they fit the picture just nicely being spectral and all.
I've painted them in the same colours as Doomsayer's flames to tie them together and using the reversed highlighting as before.
It's a technique I still have to master a bit but wich is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.


                                          Master and servant

dinsdag 27 september 2011

And again...

I've managed to paint yet another mini for my Supervillains, The Forces of Midnight.
It's a brightly coloured lang range cuty named Crosshair.
She comes from Infinity's Haqqislam range , Ive never had so many different manufacturers in 1 gamesystem.
She's the latest but by far not the last in my collection of superbaddies (another has it's basecoat drying as we speak, sidekick for a super) cause I have my eye on at least 2 more miniatures.

maandag 26 september 2011

Taking a break: SUPER(B) !!!!!

As I said before: I need a break from all the grey.
And every cloud has a silver lining, I got called back from work today cause my youngest son got ill (nothing serious, just a heavy cold) so that gave me the opportunity to finish off my model of my next super villain.
Friday'll be D-day for my nasties and they will be joined by Doomsayer, a super with evil mindpowers.
He's one of Gamezone's Chaos Sorcerers but I tought he was suiting as an asset for my troupe.
I chose dark robes with bony armourplates for him ( evil mindpower wielding supervillains do NOT wear bright and shiny spandex as far as I know) and gave him icy blue flames.
I tried to paint some backlighting effect, or whatever it's called, on his robes and hands to some succes.
I hope you like him.

zaterdag 24 september 2011

A regiment a month part 5: Confederate infantery

Today I've realised I bought these miniatures at Crisis 2008, when I finish my cavalery next month (wich were purchased at the same time) there will be a 3 year gap inbetween....
I got my first ECW miniatures in 2009 so I recon the marquis of Montrose will command his troops somewhere between 2012-2013 :-p
All jokings aside, I had to struggle to finish them due to a fragging cold (it's better now thank you very much) and a lack of enthousiasm on my part.
I enjoy painting minis and the testinggame between Tomsche and me was fun indeed, I love the ACW but I'm growing a bit tired of painting grey most of the time so I'll be happy when it's over with.
I recon it's time for a small break before I roll in the cavalery in october.
This 33 man regiment is flying the Louisiana colours and is painted in a more rag-tag look wich is what I like so much about the Confederates.
The banner was ordered at Redoubt and is of the 3th Louisiana.
Why Louisiana you might ask? Why not Virginia? The reason is simple: I've got a fondness for Cajun cooking.... from Louisiana :-)))

zondag 4 september 2011

John Pegram

Today I've finished my miniature to represent Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram
I've painted him in a darker gray coat and gave him black trousers, shoes and hat to make him stand out from the crowd.
He was a man in his late 20's when the civil war started so I gave him a pose of someone with the confidence of youth and sure victory, hence he's resting his sword on his shoulder.
Since no manufacturer I know of has a suitable miniature of John Pegram I decided to scrachtbuild one from the Perry's plasticrange, obviously the body and arm came from the infantry sprue and the hat was donated from the cavalry department.
I hope you like him.

John Pegram

Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram's miniature ready to defend Rich Mountain

vrijdag 2 september 2011

And so it kicks off

Next fridayevening will be my ACW baptism of fire, rather literally since I'll be 'hiding' behind a wall while shooting the enemy, and will be played with Crusader's Rank and File-rules.
They use a '4 miniature per base' kinda system in the case of infantery and all my guys are based individually since I feel this gives me a greater freedom when choosing a rulesset, also it's out of cheer force of habbit (damn Warhammer....)
So I needed  movementtrays, 40x40 mm ones, cheap, pronto,.... bugger
Luckily a funny smelling midget strolled by saying 'fear not Mylord for I have a cunning plan' and pointed me to a stack of balsawood in all sorts of sizes and shapes wich I had lying about in The Dungheap for God-knows-what silly project I had in mind then.
After an hour or so of cutting said balsa wood and coming out of it with all my digits intact I had, after some minor glueing, 6 servicable temporary movementtrays/ 4 model stands in front of me.

As you can see it works pretty well even though they stand almost 10mm apart and yes these are the models I'm painting for the septemberissue of ARAM.
The geezer in front will be Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram for the Battle of Rich Mountain.

Let the hostilities begin.