donderdag 21 april 2011

And the winner isssss....

After a night and day of looking at the options available to me I have come to a decision on what things to paint for 'The Tale'.
For may it'll be a warband of Saturnians since our group, The Farside, within T.S.A. has announced a re-launch of the Pulpgame Where Heroes Dare so expect pics pretty soon.
These guys are half painted too so that gives  me some opportunity to have some Cryx done while I'm at it, please note that these are optional.
The runner ups who will get my full and divine attention over the coming months will be my ACW Confederates, my only hope is that I get the whole bunch painted before Crisis 2011 so that I have a half-arsed excuse to prestent to Frau Oberst here so she'll allow me to buy some more 'Confies' at the fair.
Roughly this will all break down to:
-june: ACW Infantry (big or small)
-july: ACW cavalery (big or small)
-august: 2 pieces ACW Artillery (summer holliday in Germany for 2 weeks so no big projects)
-semptember: ACW Infantry (left over)
-october: ACW Cavalery (left over) and General on horse
The last 2 projects will be vastly decided by my work done in june and july so this may change a bit.

Allright lads..... LET'S LOCK AN' LOAD!!!!!!

woensdag 20 april 2011

Tale of how the bloody hell should I know how many gamers

Any one who's familliar with Games Workshop in general and White Dwarf in particular has heard or read about their 'Tale of 4 gamers'.
Tomsche of our gaminggroup T.S.A. came up with the idea of publishing something similar here starting om may 1st.
This gives me roughly 10 days to ponder on what exactly I'm going to start with...
ACW Infantry: Half painted
Cryx units: Half painted
ECW in general:.... glued together...
Should I take the easy path and continue what I started ,work both professionally and at home ( we were working on the bloody terras today) and the monday evening cookingclass are nudging me into that direction.
My pride however, or whatever it is, begs me to start painting Ye olde Highlande Gentlemen.
Come to think about it, it could be greed since I've promised myself a good bottle of Single Malt Wiskey if I finish my ECW Scots before this whole shabang's over.
I just realised I have no pride, only gluttony...... suits me just fine to be honest :-p


Welcome all to Nelson's Revenge, a page to share pictures about 28mm miniatures both hystorical and not.
I chose this name since Horatio Nelson was one of the finest strategist and because it's also the name of one of one my favorite ales by Woodforde Brewery in Norfolk
Over the coming months I will publish here my rantings and matching out of focus pictures, my lack in photografing skills are even overclassed by my notoriously lousy dice rolls but I do love my hobby none the less.
My interests are 28mm ECW (Royalist Scots), 28mm ACW (Confederates), Cryx and Kadhor for Warmachine, 28mm Pulp games (Superheroes, Cthulhu Cultists, 3th Reich weird stuff,...), Dragon Lords for Uncharted Seas and 6mm Ancients (Huns)
Maybe an 'archeological dig' around my hobbyroom ( affectionally called 'The Dungheap' by my wife) will provide me with even more, half forgotten, treasure.

  • Something must be left to chance; nothing is sure in a sea fight above all. 
     Horatio Nelson (29 september 1758- 21 october 1805) Before Trafalgar.