dinsdag 31 januari 2012

My dedication to the Plague Lord

Nurgle moves in mysterious ways, today my wife nagged me in to going shopping with her.
As she was rumagging in a discount store I strolled trough the shop in boredom, absentmindely glancing at the various cheap crap they sell there.
I was about to call it a day when I spotted something of interest against all expectations.
It was a Venetian styled Carnival mask on a stand.
Now normally I wouldn't even cross the street to piss on it if it was on fire but this one had something.
The 'object d'art' is made out of plastic if I'm correct and was painted in a brass/golden colour and costed only €1,5 but it were the tentacle-like protrusions on the top of it's head that picked my interrest.
As I joined my missus on the way out she glanced at the thing with a look on her face of 'what in the sweet name of Satan are you gonna do with that' and plain disgust when I explained my plans with it: a mask of Nurgle.

This is what it used to look like.....

....and this after I had my fun with it

Fitting with the models in my Nurgle army the mask was painted in putrid and rust colours and given apropriate washes on the face and tentacles.
It was a fun and unexpected little project, most likely I'll go back to this shop on thursday or friday because I saw another of these masks that will be dedicated to Slaanesh, the Lord of Pleasure.
Hopefully I can find one for Tzeentch and one for Khorne too.

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Some mothers do 'ave 'em

Last sunday, as I sat at the table painting my Nurglings my youngest son Ignace joined me in some miniature painting of his own.
For some reason he has a fondness for orcs (he thinks they're cute for crying out loud) and I managed to dig some up from The Dungheap.
Most of them are old OOP Confrontation models and a few GW orks from the 40K range but he seems to favour the fantasy range more.
So I bought him some brushes and a small mixingpalette, basecoated a few orcs black and taught him some basic drybrushing and you know what?
He's not bad, not bad at all for a 10 year old kid who never painted a model before in his life, and a model fairly rich in detail to boot.
I'll let you judge for yourselves.

maandag 23 januari 2012

Deamons of Nurgle: The aftermath

And that's it all over with... for now, I'd love to bulk out the army further but other projects are calling for my attention.
To be honest I'm glad to be done with painting rotten flesh the whole time but it was fun nonetheless and I'm proud and happy to be the owner of a fully painted Warhammer army again.
As I mentioned before I'd love to get more mini's for this gang, about 15 more Plaguebearers, 5 Furies and a few more beasts would be a nice start.
A Deamonprince's high on the list too along with a third unit of Plaguebearers and another Herald, the latter one I've got already here ready for painting.

Meet your marker:

I've assembled and painted up some markers for remain in play spells and an objective.
I nicked the idea from Tomsche who in all probabillity nicked it somewhere else wich in turn got nicked somewhere a long time ago.
If it's a bright idea, why not nicking it and put it to good use. End of story
Starting on the left you see 3 markers for Rancid Vistation, in the middle are the 3 markers for Pit of Slime and to the right you can admire a chunky objective marker in the shape of a corroded cauldron containing... don't even want to know what.
These things are a ton of fun to make since you can tailor them to match your army (Dwarven Runestones, Empire ammocrates, Bretonnian reliques,...) and are easily scratchbuild out of your bitsbox, what else would you do with all the leftover crap you get with those boxedsets.

And so I face the final curtain:

Call me an old fart but hell yeah occationally I like Frank Sinatra, hence the title :-p
Andy from Creepy Corridor asked me for a famillypic once the whole lot was painted and who am I to deny him this request.
In fact, I bet you all would like to see this so here it is in all it's putrid glory: Nurgle's Deamon Army!!!

Now wave nicely at the kind people looking at you my children!!!

++++ To be continued++++
Hold on, can you hear it too?
Thousands of voices in the distance chanting all together the same thing over and over again.
Countless hands are clapping, the stomping feet are legion.
Occationally a shrill whistle can be heard, 2 voices are louder than the others as if commenting on it all.
It settles itself in the back of my brain like some evil mantra, the words are starting to become clearer..
It is.. it is....they're saying... "Play ball!! Play ball!! Play ball!!"
Nuffle's sacred smelly hairy balls... Blood Bowl season's started again... KILL THE REF!!!!!

zondag 22 januari 2012

A regiment a month part 9: The little things in life

Today I've managed to work my way trough 12 stands of Nurglings, I've got a fondness for these little blighters and are one of the main reasons I've started a Nurgle army in the first place.
They contain no less than 5 different brands: Games Workshop, Kallistra, Black Cat, Heresy Miniatures and Tales of War.
Somehow they fit together just nicely.
I had quite some fun mixing them and then lining them up for a factoryline styled paintjob, painting some green, some brown and some pale on each base so the whole ragtag look was kept fitting with the rest of the army.
Some bases have a lot of models, some not wich is just fine as it helps to give it all a 'swarmy' feel to the unit.
Feast your eyes.

Also, this means that my entire Nurgle Army is ready and painted for the FUN tournament on the 12th of februari.
I can hardly believe it, I DID IT!!!!
I've painted up some markers for remain in play spells and I've got an objective marker to finish wich will be shown later this week but apart from that I'm ready to go, may the Chaos Gods give me good dice throws and solid victories!!

vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Just keep 'em coming

The last 15 Plaguebearers got painted today, all I need are 15 more and I'll have 2 big fat chunky units of desease-spreading nasties.
This last batch was painted in lighter, paler hues to add more variaton to the units.
To be honest I'll be happy to start work on my Blood Bowl team, one grows tired of painting rotten flesh for weeks on end but the light at the end of Nurgle's tunnel draws closer.
With this in mind I can sit back with a big grin on my face as I type this knowing that by the end of this weekend my deamon army will be fully painted.
Enjoy the looks me harties 'cause these bastards smell worse than the dungheaps of Hell themselves!!!

Next up: Nurglings!!!!

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Return to the Gridiron

As of yesterday I've officialy entered the Blood Bowl competition at TSA, our gaming club, for this year.
After a few years of absense from this delightfully violent sport I'll have a lot of catching up to do in the rules section.
At first I wanted to start anew with a fresh team and opted for Chaos, Impact! miniatures has a very nice African styled team featuring lions, cheetas, warthogs, mercats, a rhino and even an elephant and would've been aptly named Hakuna Matata.
And yes, a certain warthog and mercat would be part of it.
Sadly enough it would've cost me rather much, just as the Scotlings (Scottish Halflings) with 2 treemen I originally wanted.
So out came the models I already owned, my old Undead team was still intact and I even had quite a few members of the Vampires left so since the Undead were the most complete I picked them.
I was ready to add a Werewolf to the roster but when I started checking the teamlist I saw that expeces would have to be made after all and seeing that the Vampires had the least amount of options and hence the least amount of trouble they became my team of choice.
The Sylvania Sunbathers were created.
And now comes my hardest choice... wich colours to pick for my team...
Black's out of the question, I want something brighter for them and I'm thinking of burgundy and white but this may change.
With a bit of luck they'll even make it to the semi's at the end of may but I don't put up my hopes even though these bastards are fast, agile, strong and got some desent armour.
Only time, good dicerolls and Nuffle will tell.

maandag 9 januari 2012

More for the Plague Lord

Another 15 Plaguebearers, including a Herald, got finished today.
This now leaves me with my very first playable and fully painted Warhammer Army in ages, all of this got me so exited I'm already planning my secong one: Albion (later on that in a future post).
These lads were painted in sickly brown colours to bring some variation to the troops, another 15 of them are ordered from Heresy miniatures and should be here within a few days and will get a more pallid complexion.
The Herald comes from Avatars of War and was an absolute 'must buy', I've rarely decided on purchasing a miniature so quickly.
Next victims for the painting table will be a bucketload of Nurglings, my lovely mischievious little puss mites will get the same treatment (greenish, brownish, pallid) as the rest of the force.
Sadly with all these newly painted gains comes fresh losses to, my faithfull brushes are finally ripe for the bin after quite some service.
I will try to save them by plunging them in Dettol, I've read somewhere it helps, but otherwise it's game over for them.
The decision has been made to replace my failing good old camera who has taken pictures from the windswept summit of Ben Nevis to the sunny beaches of the Provence, in addition I will also purchase a foldable fotostudio I saw at Xenos in Holland and at €30 this thing's bargain so hopefully I'll improve on my miniaturepictures soon.

The same constants again are the oozy bases and rusted weapons, I've made a small convertion on the unit champion and tried (rather well I might say) some freehand on the banner wich should be a rusted Nurgle glyph and some Un-Holy text scribbled all over it.

The Command unit with the Herald.
The champion's horns are actually small tentacles painted so they resemble horns

A close-up on the Standardbearer.

I'm not sure if you can see it but here I've mixed both green and brown units and it looked great in real life, I'll be happy when I can add the pallid ones for more variaty.

I hope you like them.

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Just don't ask...

A while ago I posted that I can only read my post but don't give comments on those of others....
Scratch that, somehow I've managed to arouse the Machine Spirit in my PC and behold, I can rant on other peoples post to my hearth's content.
Just don't ask how I did it, please don't.