zondag 22 januari 2012

A regiment a month part 9: The little things in life

Today I've managed to work my way trough 12 stands of Nurglings, I've got a fondness for these little blighters and are one of the main reasons I've started a Nurgle army in the first place.
They contain no less than 5 different brands: Games Workshop, Kallistra, Black Cat, Heresy Miniatures and Tales of War.
Somehow they fit together just nicely.
I had quite some fun mixing them and then lining them up for a factoryline styled paintjob, painting some green, some brown and some pale on each base so the whole ragtag look was kept fitting with the rest of the army.
Some bases have a lot of models, some not wich is just fine as it helps to give it all a 'swarmy' feel to the unit.
Feast your eyes.

Also, this means that my entire Nurgle Army is ready and painted for the FUN tournament on the 12th of februari.
I can hardly believe it, I DID IT!!!!
I've painted up some markers for remain in play spells and I've got an objective marker to finish wich will be shown later this week but apart from that I'm ready to go, may the Chaos Gods give me good dice throws and solid victories!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice job buddy, those mean little critters look very good!

    Now some family pictures of the whole lot?

  2. 4 Warriors and 9 Blunderbusses to go here, so I might actually pull it off mysalf as well...

    I hope we face off the 12th Patty

  3. Pretty nice work (if something like that can be said about Nurgle?!)

    Nurgle has always been the most appealing of the 4 Chaos Gods and you did an excellent job displaying that!

    I will meet them sooner or later!!! ;-)