maandag 23 januari 2012

Deamons of Nurgle: The aftermath

And that's it all over with... for now, I'd love to bulk out the army further but other projects are calling for my attention.
To be honest I'm glad to be done with painting rotten flesh the whole time but it was fun nonetheless and I'm proud and happy to be the owner of a fully painted Warhammer army again.
As I mentioned before I'd love to get more mini's for this gang, about 15 more Plaguebearers, 5 Furies and a few more beasts would be a nice start.
A Deamonprince's high on the list too along with a third unit of Plaguebearers and another Herald, the latter one I've got already here ready for painting.

Meet your marker:

I've assembled and painted up some markers for remain in play spells and an objective.
I nicked the idea from Tomsche who in all probabillity nicked it somewhere else wich in turn got nicked somewhere a long time ago.
If it's a bright idea, why not nicking it and put it to good use. End of story
Starting on the left you see 3 markers for Rancid Vistation, in the middle are the 3 markers for Pit of Slime and to the right you can admire a chunky objective marker in the shape of a corroded cauldron containing... don't even want to know what.
These things are a ton of fun to make since you can tailor them to match your army (Dwarven Runestones, Empire ammocrates, Bretonnian reliques,...) and are easily scratchbuild out of your bitsbox, what else would you do with all the leftover crap you get with those boxedsets.

And so I face the final curtain:

Call me an old fart but hell yeah occationally I like Frank Sinatra, hence the title :-p
Andy from Creepy Corridor asked me for a famillypic once the whole lot was painted and who am I to deny him this request.
In fact, I bet you all would like to see this so here it is in all it's putrid glory: Nurgle's Deamon Army!!!

Now wave nicely at the kind people looking at you my children!!!

++++ To be continued++++
Hold on, can you hear it too?
Thousands of voices in the distance chanting all together the same thing over and over again.
Countless hands are clapping, the stomping feet are legion.
Occationally a shrill whistle can be heard, 2 voices are louder than the others as if commenting on it all.
It settles itself in the back of my brain like some evil mantra, the words are starting to become clearer..
It is.. it is....they're saying... "Play ball!! Play ball!! Play ball!!"
Nuffle's sacred smelly hairy balls... Blood Bowl season's started again... KILL THE REF!!!!!

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