dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Return to the Gridiron

As of yesterday I've officialy entered the Blood Bowl competition at TSA, our gaming club, for this year.
After a few years of absense from this delightfully violent sport I'll have a lot of catching up to do in the rules section.
At first I wanted to start anew with a fresh team and opted for Chaos, Impact! miniatures has a very nice African styled team featuring lions, cheetas, warthogs, mercats, a rhino and even an elephant and would've been aptly named Hakuna Matata.
And yes, a certain warthog and mercat would be part of it.
Sadly enough it would've cost me rather much, just as the Scotlings (Scottish Halflings) with 2 treemen I originally wanted.
So out came the models I already owned, my old Undead team was still intact and I even had quite a few members of the Vampires left so since the Undead were the most complete I picked them.
I was ready to add a Werewolf to the roster but when I started checking the teamlist I saw that expeces would have to be made after all and seeing that the Vampires had the least amount of options and hence the least amount of trouble they became my team of choice.
The Sylvania Sunbathers were created.
And now comes my hardest choice... wich colours to pick for my team...
Black's out of the question, I want something brighter for them and I'm thinking of burgundy and white but this may change.
With a bit of luck they'll even make it to the semi's at the end of may but I don't put up my hopes even though these bastards are fast, agile, strong and got some desent armour.
Only time, good dicerolls and Nuffle will tell.

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