dinsdag 31 januari 2012

My dedication to the Plague Lord

Nurgle moves in mysterious ways, today my wife nagged me in to going shopping with her.
As she was rumagging in a discount store I strolled trough the shop in boredom, absentmindely glancing at the various cheap crap they sell there.
I was about to call it a day when I spotted something of interest against all expectations.
It was a Venetian styled Carnival mask on a stand.
Now normally I wouldn't even cross the street to piss on it if it was on fire but this one had something.
The 'object d'art' is made out of plastic if I'm correct and was painted in a brass/golden colour and costed only €1,5 but it were the tentacle-like protrusions on the top of it's head that picked my interrest.
As I joined my missus on the way out she glanced at the thing with a look on her face of 'what in the sweet name of Satan are you gonna do with that' and plain disgust when I explained my plans with it: a mask of Nurgle.

This is what it used to look like.....

....and this after I had my fun with it

Fitting with the models in my Nurgle army the mask was painted in putrid and rust colours and given apropriate washes on the face and tentacles.
It was a fun and unexpected little project, most likely I'll go back to this shop on thursday or friday because I saw another of these masks that will be dedicated to Slaanesh, the Lord of Pleasure.
Hopefully I can find one for Tzeentch and one for Khorne too.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it when you can turn cheap unexpected rubbish into gaming items, hooray for crap!

    It looks excellent, the colours are truely "Nurglesque" ;-)
    Maybe adding some grime with brown ink? Weeping or drooling blood and puss?!

    Great find, I'm curious to see Slaanesh and hopefully you will find Khorne and Tzeentch as well!
    I like this idea very much, It tickles my fancy and makes me wanna try my own!

    1. Thanks but it's not a gaming piece, it's purely for display.
      I did use ink, brown on the top of the tentacles and green on the... green parts (duh :-p)
      The Slaanesh mask is in my posession now and starting on monday the 'hunt' is on for the remaining ones.
      No Wibra, Krak, Zeeman or other cheap-ass discountstore will be safe untill the Dark Gods will get their due LOL