donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Uhm, Sarge? I don't think that's a giant bat..

Today my Necrons finally take to the skies thanks to this nice Doom Scythe.

Ever since the model came out I had to have one, it's the coolest flyer EVER next to the Ork plane and the more I read it's stats, the more I want to field it.
Tomorrow it'll get it's chance to prove it's worth and I must say I have high hopes.

This GW kit can build you 1 out of 2 varieties, either the Night Scythe or the Doom Scythe.
The former is a transport with a capacity of 15 infantery, 7 jump infantery or 5 jetbikes (they beam them down) and the latter is a deathdealer pure and simpel.

While it's secondairy weapons are nice ( a twin linked tesla destructor) it's main one is fingerlicking groovy: The Deathray.... This puppy shoots out a beam and dissolves nearly anything underneat it.
Pretty cool but it gets better, if you hit a unit with it, the WHOLE unit gets rammed up the butt.
Me likes a LOT!!

The trusted 3-B colourscheme was applied as usual and works really well but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

It wasn't until later that I noticed that I had it's stem mounted wrong on the base but this is more than alright, it makes it look as if the Scythe is in the middle of an attack run.

See you soon with some more Necron goodness..

maandag 22 oktober 2012

The thing emerges

In may I posted part 13 of the ARAM and at the end I posted a 'teaser' for my Necrons of sorts

So now nearly 6 months later it's time for me to delever the goods so to speak.
The main reason why it took such a long time was that I simply knew what colours to paint it in but not to sure in wich way (more blue, less blue,.....) and since it's such a nice mini from Forgeworld I wanted to do it justice even though it's fairly inexpencive to their standards.

Necron? Forge World? Inexpencive?.....
Some of you might have been checking the site and prolly have been guessing right, I'm talking about the Tomb Stalker.

Ever since it came out it has been a favorite of mine in my most beloved army and I simply knew I must have one one day.

I blamed GW for giving up on their clear green plastic rods used in the Necron weapons but the more I look at it, the more I fancy repainting them all on all my older miniatures wich I will start to do in the near future.

I'm planning on regularly adding more models to the force, just like Tomsche is a nutter for Chaos Dwarfs, I have a  deep fondness for the Necrons.

I hope you like him and see you next time with more roboty nastyness..

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

Rumble in the jungle

Gamingbuddy Tomsche posted something recently on his blog and our forum about races with Deathrollers, a device often used by dwarventeams in Blood Bowl.

A fellow blogger came up with the rules and the idea to make a little 'scratchbuild your own deathroller' competition and I gladly accepted the challenge.
Since this wasn't gonna be a run of the mill project I opted for a suitable name: The Jungle Bunny!!!

Years ago I came up with the idea for using pygmees instead of Dwarfs in Warhammer, it was a fun, cheap and original project wich will always be kept around the house.
I've bought and sold several things over the ages but not this screwy funny force.
Little surpise then that I still had some of the diminiutive fellers lying in a corner somewhere and so along with some other crap from the bitsbox, glue and absolutely no idea of how it was gonna look in the end I set to work.

After an hour or 2 this was the result:

It looked a bit rubbish but after basecoating it became better:

By then, a colourscheme was starting to take shape and I wanted a dark feel to it as if it was clobbered together by a coldhearted race.
I think I succeeded:

A rough list of materlials:

1 Fenryll Pygmee
2 GW Gobling shields
1 GW Skaven shield
1 GW banner bit
Saté skewers
Bits of balsawood, including the 'wheels' from a model ship
1 Round 40mm base
Kitchen rope
Sand and static grass
1 Skull
A bloody lot of glue, choice words and patience

I hope you like him and see you next time.