zondag 30 september 2012

For Clan, for country and for The Emperor!!!

And I've finally made my choice for my second Warhammer 40K army.

At first it was going to be Space Wolves as this is the only chapter that appeals to me, they're less aloof and haughty than the others.
Second option was going to be the Ebony Lions chapter, based on the Zulu's but still using the rules for the Space Wolves but the colourscheme was beyond my reach time and time again, I simply could not find a satisfying 'ebony' for the powerarmour.
In came option number 4: Chaos Marines and this time I was going to sell my soul to the lord of blood: Khorne.
This would give me a nice excuse to use the skullbases manufactured by Black Cat but in the end I didn't fancy starting from scratch yet again.

So option number 3 came back of the shelve: a home made chapter, using the rules for the Space Wolves but based on the Scots.
And so the Emperor's Highlanders were born.
The first member of the chapter is Laird Angus 'Firebeard' MacDonnal, he's armed with a Stromshield and a Claymore powerweapon.
His Tartan is loosely based on the Mac Donald one, years ago I dragged an encyclopedia on the tartans back home from Scotland and now it's starting to pay off.

Don't ask me how many colours went into this miniature but it were a LOT and it took me a fair few hours to get him done, I even had to do his tartan twice and it's still not entirly to my liking but, first time for everything.

I hope you like him.

You can't really see on thess pictures but he's standing on the ruins of some Celtic floortile, I tought it was fitting to the whole theme.

Next up will be a Space Marine battalion box, it's my birthday tomorrow and my relatives were generous enough to allow me to afford one of these, if I add a Whirlwind tank I can have a nice 650 points worth of highly armoured madness on the table!!!

Untill next time.

vrijdag 21 september 2012

First blood for Everblight

After a week of early mornings (I have to get up around 5 am to get to my training) I dragged my exhausted carcass to the clubhouse for my first Journeyman game.

I decided to do only 1 battle and then go home for a good night's rest and so it happened, my opponent was Iwan with his minions under the leadership of Bloody Barnabas.
With him were a Blackhide Wrastler, a Bull Snapper and an Ironback Spitter wich he nicknamed 'The Turtle of Doom' since it died a lot, or so he claimed.

I got the kick off and after he flooded the terrain with swamps due to some special rule of Barnabas (what's the deal with crocodiles and mud?) I moved my Warbeasts and Lylyth en masse towards the gatormen.

In his turn he created some more swampy terrain and had his Ironback spit a load of corrosive phlem onto my Shredders wounding 2 and killing 1 outright... Turtle of Doom indeed....

Disaster heaped on disaster since I couldn't shoot any of his models when they were standing in those blasted swamps and when I charged the Carnivean into Barnabas, pinching 5 health of the old croc, he got chopped to catfood by the enemy Warlock and the Bullsnapper.
At least it took him 2 models to kill him so I got moral victory over that at least.

After his Turtle spat 1 more Shredder to death and his Bullsnapper gobbled up another one things looked VERY dire indeed and so I started considering a tactical withdrawal...... not!
I steeled my resolve, counted my blessings that Lylyth still had her full 5 furypoints left and decided not to go down quietly.
So my Winter Elf elegantly stepped from behind a building, casted Parasite on Barnabas lowering his ARM by 3 and gaining 1ARM in return, released 2 arrows into the bastard, knocking off some more health and popped her feat to make her Warbeast (a very tiny one) more agressive.

So said beastie charged into Crocman, risking a free strike from the Wrastler, his heavy Warbeast, and miraculously got trough when the big brute missed with his attack....
And so with my Shredder around his troath, poor old Barny got a very bloody ending.

I won, against all my expectations I won.
First blood for The Legion!!!!!

I must admit I got very lucky, I made some stupid mistakes due to fatigue but all in all it was a very fun game with Iwan having the time of his life over the outcome, he never saw that one coming and neither did I.

'Till next time :-)))

donderdag 20 september 2012

Here be dragons... of a sort

Finally I've managed to finish my Legion of Everblight starter box.
A box wich I've purchased ages ago to be honest.

Some time ago I was lured into the Journeyman league for Warmachines and Hordes in our gamingclub.
My armies of choice are Kadhor and Cryx but none of their starters really apeal to me and since I didn't want to start a completely new force from scratch I turned my attention to the the Dragonfather's offspring: Everblight and his corrupted Winter Elves.

I wanted them to have a 'Deamonette of Slaanesh' feel so I chose greyish purple and white with silver metals and light browns for the leather bits and bows and weapons.
The bases were kept grey with patches of snow and tufts of withered grass to make them look 'arctic'.

First to be completed was Lylyth, my warlock.
As I wanted her to stand out a bit I gave her fiery red hair.

Next up was her Heavy warbeast, the Carnivean. who was promptly nicknamed 'The Puppy' by my kids....

One thing that is unique to the Legion are the lesser warbeasts, in this case Shredders, since no other faction uses this type.
Individually they aren't worth a kick in the bottom but field them in packs and your opponent WILL have a nasty problem, espescially when you cast the right spells on them.

So here we have the whole bunch, 13 points worth of draconic nastyness.

Over the coming days and months I will gradually build up the army to 15, 25 and ultimately 35 points.
To reach the 15 point limit I only need 1 model and she's being painted as we speak.

Till next time.

donderdag 13 september 2012

Handy reminders

Ok, so these may not be the most exciting or sexy thing I've done till now but these will surely come in handy.

I bought these 20x40mm tokens cheap as chips from EM4 miniatures for my Hordes faction, the Legion of Everblight.
I opted for purple, just like the small gems I got for the furypoints, and white letters to keep in touch with the purple and white colourscheme I chose for the miniatures (expect pics of these soonish)

The white letters were written on with an acrylic marker and later given a coat of matt varnish to protect them from harm.

Right you can see the spell Lylyth can cast, I made 3 of each just in case.
On the left are the different Animi wich come with the warbeasts and wich they can either cast on themselves or be cast on eachother, with or without help from the Warlock.

Oh, and I got purple dice aswell....

zaterdag 1 september 2012

Blood and Skulls!!!!

Hello again!!!

I know it's been a while but I've been on summerholliday in early august and I couldn't paint for the remainder of the month due to the blistering heat here.
Now that the temperatures have cooled down a bit to more acceptable levels it's time to pick up the brushes again.

Today's victim is a classical piece, originally produced bij Armourcast waaaay back in the 90's under licence of Games Workshop.
I'm talking about the Cauldron of Blood, deamonic engine dedicated to Khorne.
If you're lucky they sometimes turn up on e-bay for rather hefty prices.... I got mine from a bloke at our gamingclub for a tenner....

Now if there's one thing I like apart from beer, cider and bacon butties it's painting up old school stuff in the new school style with new paints.
Obviously red and brass were picked, no pink and blue stuff for the Lord of Skulls.
Said skulls were painted in a crisp white, they don't have that much texture on them so I made them a bit sleeker looking but not by much.
The horns were painted more bull-like and then given a coat of gloss varnish, just like the blood in the cauldron.

I hope you like him...