vrijdag 21 september 2012

First blood for Everblight

After a week of early mornings (I have to get up around 5 am to get to my training) I dragged my exhausted carcass to the clubhouse for my first Journeyman game.

I decided to do only 1 battle and then go home for a good night's rest and so it happened, my opponent was Iwan with his minions under the leadership of Bloody Barnabas.
With him were a Blackhide Wrastler, a Bull Snapper and an Ironback Spitter wich he nicknamed 'The Turtle of Doom' since it died a lot, or so he claimed.

I got the kick off and after he flooded the terrain with swamps due to some special rule of Barnabas (what's the deal with crocodiles and mud?) I moved my Warbeasts and Lylyth en masse towards the gatormen.

In his turn he created some more swampy terrain and had his Ironback spit a load of corrosive phlem onto my Shredders wounding 2 and killing 1 outright... Turtle of Doom indeed....

Disaster heaped on disaster since I couldn't shoot any of his models when they were standing in those blasted swamps and when I charged the Carnivean into Barnabas, pinching 5 health of the old croc, he got chopped to catfood by the enemy Warlock and the Bullsnapper.
At least it took him 2 models to kill him so I got moral victory over that at least.

After his Turtle spat 1 more Shredder to death and his Bullsnapper gobbled up another one things looked VERY dire indeed and so I started considering a tactical withdrawal...... not!
I steeled my resolve, counted my blessings that Lylyth still had her full 5 furypoints left and decided not to go down quietly.
So my Winter Elf elegantly stepped from behind a building, casted Parasite on Barnabas lowering his ARM by 3 and gaining 1ARM in return, released 2 arrows into the bastard, knocking off some more health and popped her feat to make her Warbeast (a very tiny one) more agressive.

So said beastie charged into Crocman, risking a free strike from the Wrastler, his heavy Warbeast, and miraculously got trough when the big brute missed with his attack....
And so with my Shredder around his troath, poor old Barny got a very bloody ending.

I won, against all my expectations I won.
First blood for The Legion!!!!!

I must admit I got very lucky, I made some stupid mistakes due to fatigue but all in all it was a very fun game with Iwan having the time of his life over the outcome, he never saw that one coming and neither did I.

'Till next time :-)))

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