donderdag 13 september 2012

Handy reminders

Ok, so these may not be the most exciting or sexy thing I've done till now but these will surely come in handy.

I bought these 20x40mm tokens cheap as chips from EM4 miniatures for my Hordes faction, the Legion of Everblight.
I opted for purple, just like the small gems I got for the furypoints, and white letters to keep in touch with the purple and white colourscheme I chose for the miniatures (expect pics of these soonish)

The white letters were written on with an acrylic marker and later given a coat of matt varnish to protect them from harm.

Right you can see the spell Lylyth can cast, I made 3 of each just in case.
On the left are the different Animi wich come with the warbeasts and wich they can either cast on themselves or be cast on eachother, with or without help from the Warlock.

Oh, and I got purple dice aswell....

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