zondag 30 september 2012

For Clan, for country and for The Emperor!!!

And I've finally made my choice for my second Warhammer 40K army.

At first it was going to be Space Wolves as this is the only chapter that appeals to me, they're less aloof and haughty than the others.
Second option was going to be the Ebony Lions chapter, based on the Zulu's but still using the rules for the Space Wolves but the colourscheme was beyond my reach time and time again, I simply could not find a satisfying 'ebony' for the powerarmour.
In came option number 4: Chaos Marines and this time I was going to sell my soul to the lord of blood: Khorne.
This would give me a nice excuse to use the skullbases manufactured by Black Cat but in the end I didn't fancy starting from scratch yet again.

So option number 3 came back of the shelve: a home made chapter, using the rules for the Space Wolves but based on the Scots.
And so the Emperor's Highlanders were born.
The first member of the chapter is Laird Angus 'Firebeard' MacDonnal, he's armed with a Stromshield and a Claymore powerweapon.
His Tartan is loosely based on the Mac Donald one, years ago I dragged an encyclopedia on the tartans back home from Scotland and now it's starting to pay off.

Don't ask me how many colours went into this miniature but it were a LOT and it took me a fair few hours to get him done, I even had to do his tartan twice and it's still not entirly to my liking but, first time for everything.

I hope you like him.

You can't really see on thess pictures but he's standing on the ruins of some Celtic floortile, I tought it was fitting to the whole theme.

Next up will be a Space Marine battalion box, it's my birthday tomorrow and my relatives were generous enough to allow me to afford one of these, if I add a Whirlwind tank I can have a nice 650 points worth of highly armoured madness on the table!!!

Untill next time.

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