donderdag 20 september 2012

Here be dragons... of a sort

Finally I've managed to finish my Legion of Everblight starter box.
A box wich I've purchased ages ago to be honest.

Some time ago I was lured into the Journeyman league for Warmachines and Hordes in our gamingclub.
My armies of choice are Kadhor and Cryx but none of their starters really apeal to me and since I didn't want to start a completely new force from scratch I turned my attention to the the Dragonfather's offspring: Everblight and his corrupted Winter Elves.

I wanted them to have a 'Deamonette of Slaanesh' feel so I chose greyish purple and white with silver metals and light browns for the leather bits and bows and weapons.
The bases were kept grey with patches of snow and tufts of withered grass to make them look 'arctic'.

First to be completed was Lylyth, my warlock.
As I wanted her to stand out a bit I gave her fiery red hair.

Next up was her Heavy warbeast, the Carnivean. who was promptly nicknamed 'The Puppy' by my kids....

One thing that is unique to the Legion are the lesser warbeasts, in this case Shredders, since no other faction uses this type.
Individually they aren't worth a kick in the bottom but field them in packs and your opponent WILL have a nasty problem, espescially when you cast the right spells on them.

So here we have the whole bunch, 13 points worth of draconic nastyness.

Over the coming days and months I will gradually build up the army to 15, 25 and ultimately 35 points.
To reach the 15 point limit I only need 1 model and she's being painted as we speak.

Till next time.

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