maandag 9 januari 2012

More for the Plague Lord

Another 15 Plaguebearers, including a Herald, got finished today.
This now leaves me with my very first playable and fully painted Warhammer Army in ages, all of this got me so exited I'm already planning my secong one: Albion (later on that in a future post).
These lads were painted in sickly brown colours to bring some variation to the troops, another 15 of them are ordered from Heresy miniatures and should be here within a few days and will get a more pallid complexion.
The Herald comes from Avatars of War and was an absolute 'must buy', I've rarely decided on purchasing a miniature so quickly.
Next victims for the painting table will be a bucketload of Nurglings, my lovely mischievious little puss mites will get the same treatment (greenish, brownish, pallid) as the rest of the force.
Sadly with all these newly painted gains comes fresh losses to, my faithfull brushes are finally ripe for the bin after quite some service.
I will try to save them by plunging them in Dettol, I've read somewhere it helps, but otherwise it's game over for them.
The decision has been made to replace my failing good old camera who has taken pictures from the windswept summit of Ben Nevis to the sunny beaches of the Provence, in addition I will also purchase a foldable fotostudio I saw at Xenos in Holland and at €30 this thing's bargain so hopefully I'll improve on my miniaturepictures soon.

The same constants again are the oozy bases and rusted weapons, I've made a small convertion on the unit champion and tried (rather well I might say) some freehand on the banner wich should be a rusted Nurgle glyph and some Un-Holy text scribbled all over it.

The Command unit with the Herald.
The champion's horns are actually small tentacles painted so they resemble horns

A close-up on the Standardbearer.

I'm not sure if you can see it but here I've mixed both green and brown units and it looked great in real life, I'll be happy when I can add the pallid ones for more variaty.

I hope you like them.

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  1. Awesome, I can barely generate a painting speed equalling yours... for me, it`s gonna be do or die to get ready for the 12th

  2. Thanks mate, but trust me when I tell you that it barely took 2 or 3 days in all to get these ready: filling up the 'slottas' in the Slottabases, 30 min incl drying; drilling holes in the bases glue the pearls in, 30 min; Slapping the watereffect on incl drying, 24 hours; spraypainting the basecoat on incl. drying and forgetting the mini's in the garage, 18 hours; painting the miniatures and taking pics of them, somewhere between 10 and 14 hours give and take, could be longer (time flies when you're having fun after all LOL).
    A lot of the effect comes from drybrushing and then washing the model with thinned down appropriate ink, then it's basically detailing, retouching and finishing the bases.