woensdag 20 april 2011


Welcome all to Nelson's Revenge, a page to share pictures about 28mm miniatures both hystorical and not.
I chose this name since Horatio Nelson was one of the finest strategist and because it's also the name of one of one my favorite ales by Woodforde Brewery in Norfolk http://www.woodfordes.co.uk/
Over the coming months I will publish here my rantings and matching out of focus pictures, my lack in photografing skills are even overclassed by my notoriously lousy dice rolls but I do love my hobby none the less.
My interests are 28mm ECW (Royalist Scots), 28mm ACW (Confederates), Cryx and Kadhor for Warmachine, 28mm Pulp games (Superheroes, Cthulhu Cultists, 3th Reich weird stuff,...), Dragon Lords for Uncharted Seas and 6mm Ancients (Huns)
Maybe an 'archeological dig' around my hobbyroom ( affectionally called 'The Dungheap' by my wife) will provide me with even more, half forgotten, treasure.

  • Something must be left to chance; nothing is sure in a sea fight above all. 
     Horatio Nelson (29 september 1758- 21 october 1805) Before Trafalgar.

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    1. Nice to see another blog up and (almost) running...looking forward to seeing some models and reading some bullshit from the Dungheap!


    2. Another TSA'er infected with the blogger virus!
      Looking forward to your delvings in dung ... or something like that ;-)