woensdag 20 april 2011

Tale of how the bloody hell should I know how many gamers

Any one who's familliar with Games Workshop in general and White Dwarf in particular has heard or read about their 'Tale of 4 gamers'.
Tomsche of our gaminggroup T.S.A. came up with the idea of publishing something similar here starting om may 1st.
This gives me roughly 10 days to ponder on what exactly I'm going to start with...
ACW Infantry: Half painted
Cryx units: Half painted
ECW in general:.... glued together...
Should I take the easy path and continue what I started ,work both professionally and at home ( we were working on the bloody terras today) and the monday evening cookingclass are nudging me into that direction.
My pride however, or whatever it is, begs me to start painting Ye olde Highlande Gentlemen.
Come to think about it, it could be greed since I've promised myself a good bottle of Single Malt Wiskey if I finish my ECW Scots before this whole shabang's over.
I just realised I have no pride, only gluttony...... suits me just fine to be honest :-p

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with the blog and the regiments. Since I do not know what Cryx are I hope you pick A or ECW :-)
    Cheers, Michael

  2. Here's the link Mike http://privateerpress.com/warmachine/gallery/cryx
    I picked Skarre Ravenmane and the Satyxis Raiders, you'll se why :-p