zaterdag 24 september 2011

A regiment a month part 5: Confederate infantery

Today I've realised I bought these miniatures at Crisis 2008, when I finish my cavalery next month (wich were purchased at the same time) there will be a 3 year gap inbetween....
I got my first ECW miniatures in 2009 so I recon the marquis of Montrose will command his troops somewhere between 2012-2013 :-p
All jokings aside, I had to struggle to finish them due to a fragging cold (it's better now thank you very much) and a lack of enthousiasm on my part.
I enjoy painting minis and the testinggame between Tomsche and me was fun indeed, I love the ACW but I'm growing a bit tired of painting grey most of the time so I'll be happy when it's over with.
I recon it's time for a small break before I roll in the cavalery in october.
This 33 man regiment is flying the Louisiana colours and is painted in a more rag-tag look wich is what I like so much about the Confederates.
The banner was ordered at Redoubt and is of the 3th Louisiana.
Why Louisiana you might ask? Why not Virginia? The reason is simple: I've got a fondness for Cajun cooking.... from Louisiana :-)))

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