vrijdag 2 september 2011

And so it kicks off

Next fridayevening will be my ACW baptism of fire, rather literally since I'll be 'hiding' behind a wall while shooting the enemy, and will be played with Crusader's Rank and File-rules.
They use a '4 miniature per base' kinda system in the case of infantery and all my guys are based individually since I feel this gives me a greater freedom when choosing a rulesset, also it's out of cheer force of habbit (damn Warhammer....)
So I needed  movementtrays, 40x40 mm ones, cheap, pronto,.... bugger
Luckily a funny smelling midget strolled by saying 'fear not Mylord for I have a cunning plan' and pointed me to a stack of balsawood in all sorts of sizes and shapes wich I had lying about in The Dungheap for God-knows-what silly project I had in mind then.
After an hour or so of cutting said balsa wood and coming out of it with all my digits intact I had, after some minor glueing, 6 servicable temporary movementtrays/ 4 model stands in front of me.

As you can see it works pretty well even though they stand almost 10mm apart and yes these are the models I'm painting for the septemberissue of ARAM.
The geezer in front will be Lieutenant Colonel John Pegram for the Battle of Rich Mountain.

Let the hostilities begin.

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