vrijdag 13 mei 2011

Loyal and liability

Regularly in one's life you come at a point where you have to decide where your loyalties lie: your boss, girl/boy friend, cigarette brand, music, tv channel, etc.
This is no different in the wargamingworld and I've reached another of these moments this very afternoon.
I've been a loyal Cryx player for years, in fact ever since Warmachines came out but something in the Khador range appealed to me but I never quite knew what and so I've kept collecting the undead en masse.
Still, some Khador models slipped trough the net and found their way into my greedy paws only to be lying around, half forgotten, for years.
Untill today that is, I've given in and admitted that these 'Russians' are cool so I've bought the Warcaster Prince Vlad and had a good dig around 'The Dungheap' only to find 2 units of Doomreavers, 3 Berzerker Warjacks, 2 Kodiak Warjacks, Fenris, 2 Manhunters and Yuri The Axe...
In short: anything that's explosive, unstable, homicidal, nuts, sneaky, smashy and having a tantrum at the worst possible moment.
And you know what? I like it...... For the Motherland!!!!!

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