donderdag 26 mei 2011

A regiment a month part 1: Saturnians

Let's start with the boring stuff: ranting :-p
I've come to several conclusions wich I will share with you before the fluff.
1: I need one more lamp to ipmrove on the lighting when taking pics.
2: I may need a new and improved camera, mine sucks and this reflects in my pictures.
3: I've been lazy and could've finished more models, my Saturnians are Babylon5 Narns and I was lucky to find another box of them at half price in a shop.
4: I actually need my glasses to paint fine details like belts and eyes, I'm getting to old for this shit :-D
Uhm... ok, that was it.
These Saturnians were painted for the , in the mean while postponed, relaunch of pulp in our gamingclub.
I've had these models lying around for some years and now the time was ripe to paint them.

Saturnians aren't overly hostile, they prefer logic and reason above all else and are capable of turing nigh on everything into a form of art.
Their skintone can vary from dark grey to blue-ish white and their eyes are orange tinted, they have about the build and height of a Human and are a bit more muscular due to the high gravity of their planet.
Clans are lead by a Mystic or wiseman who performs the role of shaman and chieftain and are higly respected by all other Saturnians.
Their weapons are custom made and highly sought after by collectors galaxy-wide, swords and guns are decorated with intricate designs and gems depending on the owner's wealth and status.
While beautifull to look at these weapons are lethal none-the-less.
Saturnians are slow to raise arms and will only engage into combat if all else fails, this will almost always be accompagnied with appologies and last miniute pleas for peace.
It is not uncommon for a Saturnian to injure an enemy only to give first aid to him afterwards.
This all said and done they can be dangerous to anyone who means them and their allies harm.
They also make use of beasts found in their system and mercenairies who have less problems with violence.
Some of these animals are Cave Droggans and Dione Psybeasts.
Cave Droggans resemble insectoid reptillians with patches of coarse hair and can come in any variaty of vibrant colours, wild species are fairly agressive but when raised from the egg they'll become as loyal as a dog and can be quite playfull.
Some Droggans are selectivly bred in captivity and make nice pets but are a bit frowned upon by any fans of the 'true Droggans' who call these diminuished critters 'Lapdroggs' and ' Barking Wats' (a Wat is a small rodent commonly found on Saturn)
Psybeasts are exclusivly found on the moon of Dione and are a mystery even to Saturnians, they can cloud the mind and shift into and out of reality, why exactly they help the Mystics is unknown.
Thraxian Mercs are pallid hulking humanoids with more muscles than brains and will always work for the highest bidder, regularly a band of these thugs will swap sides during a conflict at the promise of more money.
Most surveilance is done by gravitating drones who are capable of identifying and, if necessary, kill an intruder.

                                          Mystic(Lead) and his faithfull Cave Droggan

                                         Thraxian Mercenairies (compagnions)

                                          Psy Beast and Drone (compagnions)

                                         Saturnians armed with swords (followers)

                                          Saturnians armed with guns (followers)

                                          It always helps to have a friendly face or two around in case of an emergency

                                         Group pic... smile at the birdie kids :-p
That's it for now, june will be much more down to earth and a blast from the past.

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  1. Solid work mate! looking forward to meeting those in a pulp game soon!

  2. Good job and a good start for the "Regiment a Month" series!

    I really like the flying thingie!