vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

A regiment a month part 4: ACW Confederate cannons and colonel

This week I finally managed to finish my first Confederate pieces for my expending army.
I took a leaf out of Skratch's book and considered 2 cannons as a single regiment, just don't ask me what barrels I've put on them, it were the only 2 I could find.
To sort of celebrate the rediscovery of my 28mm ACW infantery I've painted up my colonel too: colonel Robert Sylvain Burnette leading his part of the 5th Louisiana to glory ( at least I hope he will )
I've watched Gettysburg again a few days ago to take a good look at the uniforms, I ended up in bed around midnight having seen the whole movie anyway, and aparently these lads shared the same rag-tag look as most units of the south.
A look wich I like very much since it gives you a mass of variety on the battlefield without going all 'Orky'.

 Colonel Robert S. Burnette

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  1. That makes two confederates rolling out the guns... seems I really should start painting up some heavy duty counter battery fire