zondag 27 november 2011

More greetings from Down Under

Today I've managed to finish another 2000 points worth of PacFed for my expanding army.
It consists of 1 Bennelong command vehicle, 2 Minigwal fast attack vehicles, 4 Cougar tanks, 6 Tanami SPG's, 8 Wombat APC's and 1 unit of conscript infantery because I had 10 points to spare.
I'm still not to sure exactly why I've crammed in 6 artillery pieces since I've had bad experience with them in the past but then again those were 'off table' and these aren't so maybe they'll perform better.
This by no means THE 2000 points add-on to my starterforce, I'm painting the whole thing up at 2000 a time so that leaves me with 'only' 4000 points left at the moment and yes I'm planning on making this a 10000 point army just to see what it looks like on the table and maybe even let it all loose on the opposition one day.
The Bennelong has a little dot-art painting on it, the story behind it is that it is crewed by an Aboriginal commander who insists on having a native painting on his vehicle for good luck.
It was fun to do and originally I wanted every tank in the army have something similar but in the end decided against it, to much extra work but one wouldn't be to hard so it got a tortoise to keep it compagny.
I hope you like them

                                          Detail on the dot art tortoise

                                          I you've ever wondered what a 4000 point PacFed
                                          army looks like.....
                                          THIS IS IT!!!!!

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