zondag 13 november 2011

Greetings from Down Under

Well it's another Crisis come and gone and boy it was fun.
C'11 assured my firm return to the 6mm range and WFB with more models for both systems on their way.
One of the 'tiny things' I bought was about 8000 points (I found this out to my surprise myself afterwards) worth of PacFed for Future War Commander for the new FWC campaign in The Farside.
This time I choose the side of the Human defender and not the Alien attacker and so I've opted for a simple and straightforward armylist.
The fact that the models were cheap AND to my liking vastly helped my choice too.
Here are the first pieces of the 105th Brisbane 'Doongara'.
Doongara means lightning in the Aboriginal language wich suits my army of grav vehicles just fine.

Sorry for the rather poor quality of the pic, my camera is slowly dying after years of loyal service.

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