zondag 30 oktober 2011

Please Sir, I want some more

And that's my first instalment of 'A regiment a month' over with and I can honestly say it was great fun.
In hindsight I could've done things differently, loosing that ACW infantry for a while was a bit of a blow but then again I'd never have finished those Khadorians or that Gundam.
So is this the end you might ask?
Surely not!!!
Crisis is fast approaching ( http://www.tsoa.be/crisis_general.html ), orders have been made and plans set in motion, my brushes won't have much rest I can guarantee you all.
You can expect me to continue where I left off, those Confederate Cavalerists are just begging for a lick of paint and my deamons are eager for my divine attention.
I will also make my return to the 6mm department : PacFed for Future War Commander, French for WWII Blitzkrieg Commander and maybe some more Huns for Warmaster Ancients.
Some VicSciFi will make an appearance to, I've ordered some ACW sailors to crew a small aeroneff I bought second hand from Tomsche.
I also have some 6mm scenery projects in mind but those wont count for any ARAM projects, they'll be just little fun stuff I'll do inbetween.
So on to ARAM2 for me and I hope more will follow, This will last untill Salute 2012 wich I'll hopefully attend again.

In the meanwhile: keep those brushes wet with paint and ink lads!!!!

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  1. It was great fun indeed, but I won`t be `running` the next 6 parter myself.

    I got those WFB and 40k armies to finish (read, finally start seriously) AND end of december sees the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as Saint Seiya Sanctuary in february for PS3... many valuable painting hours will be lost.

    That is, when i`m not playing Magic x-D