woensdag 21 december 2011

The Biggie

Against all expectations I've finished my Great Unclean One today.
This is an old OOP Rackham miniature of the Dwarves of Mid Nor Giant and I found him some years ago in a discountbasket in a shop long gone now.
And boy their miniatures still are a pain in the ass to paint, you'll be hardpressed to find an other manufacturer who'll put so much detail in their products.
Granted, that range consisted of real gems but sometimes overly detailed gems.
That said and done you'll no doubt notice this guy has hair and a beard.... so what and to make him stand out a bit more I've painted it a nice purple to clash with the green of his skin.
Said skin is a bit darker green in tone than the rest of the army but he's the boss so that's cool.
The Bubbly-base and rusted gear are again featured.
With this one added my little army starts to look a bit more like a fighting force and I'm not ashamed to admit that watching that army grow with lovingly painted miniatures still gives me goosebumps and a warm feeling.
For Nurgle!!!!

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