dinsdag 20 december 2011

A Regiment a Month part 8: Death from above

I've set yet another step on my path to immortality, or eternal damnation, today a unit of 15 Chaos Furies has been finished.
Those who are familliar with H.P. Lovecraft and his Ctulhu-mytos will no doubt recognise these as Nightgaunts.
I choose them not only because I like the models but also because they were cheap, quickly delivered and available in abundance at EM4 miniatures.
No assembly was required, unless you count gluing them to their bases as assembling, and painting them was easy due to a minimum of detail on the model.
An extra unforseen cost I had to make was special bases, the round base wich is attached to them fits nicely into the bases offered at Mantic Games so that cost was gladly made.
I was quite surprised by the height though, despite them being announced as 28 mm they are more towards 25mm and even then are fairly diminuitive but since they are a flying cowardly deamonic gardenpest that's more than ok by me.
Again I went with the 'bubbling ooze theme' for their bases to tie them in with the rest of the army.
To compenstate for the low variety in poses (only 3) I've opted to use all 3 hues on the unit that I have in mind on the entire army: Sickly Green, Puke Brown and Pale Skin.
I hope you like them

Next up: Great Unclean One

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