woensdag 22 februari 2012

A regiment a month part 10: Galaxy Quest

Well, not so much as a regiment but a small fleet of Soryllians for Fire Storm Armada.
I simply could not resist painting them in a Narn pattern from the Babylon 5 series, still one of the best Sci Fi shows ever in my honest opinion.
Last to be painted today was the carrier on wich I competely forgot to put a bright red highlight so hence the reason it's a bit darker than the rest.
I don't really care about it, it's ok for some ships to be of a different hue and I spend most of my concentration on painting the yellow/black pattern on the doors.
These are older models wich I had lying in a box somewhere, originally they were blue with Australian Aboriginal dot art all over them.
Fire Storm: Armada isn't a bad game, most of the Spartan stuff ain't, but I only played it once.
No other people seemed to be interested so they sat on a shelve gathering dust.
Why I suddenly decided to repaint them I honestly can't tell but I did it anyway in favour of the Celts I should be doing.
I sat discussing the game with the bloke I played against years before earlier this month, to give it another go at some point, so I guess that's why I changed them.
Briefly I was thinking about bying a few more models but decided against it in the end.
The ships are easily assembled, they're not hard to paint but a game's just no good if you have no opponents so after this the fleet will find a nice place in a cabinet.

The fleet, just the starter box and a carrier but value for money nonetheless and a nice thing to start a fleet with.

The 3 Cruisers

6 Frigats, these things can have a high 'piss oponent off' score in greater numbers.

The Battleship, it's a whopping big model (around 15 cm in lenght) and thankfully lightweight since it's made completely out of resin.

The Carrier, when I bought this one Spartan Games didn't have fighters yet (they still don't I think) so I got mine from Brigade Models cheap.
The larger ones are bombers, the smaller ones fighters.

So will I buy more Sorrylian ships? I don't know at this point, not even for collector's sake.
All in all I'm not to happy with how the painting turned out and this brings me to another point.
Regular visitors of my blog will maybe have noticed that a/ this isn't my best work and b/ it are the first completed miniatures I show this month.
I've been suffering for a few weeks now what most painters suffer from at some regular interval: painters block.
It seems like all of a sudden the joy of building up models from bare metal to something nice's just gone.
The fact that I'm on the verge of loosing my job due to health issues may have a hand in it too this time.
It's not the first time this happens and I know it'll come all back like a tidal wave of inspiration sooner or later, All I need is something wacky to trigger it.
Also I've been thinling lately of starting oilpaintings again and to even start studying art again in eveningclass, I went to art school once for a year and even though it never got me anywhere on a proffessional level the interest never left.
See you agian soon and I hope in a better mood

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  1. Those ships look good!

    The interest in painting will come back. I had a period like that last year and the paintbrush is with me again so it will return to you!

    Take it step by step buddy:
    Health -> job -> hobby
    It will work out with patience ;-)