dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Tha..tha...th..that's all folks.... for now

Hey all,
I'm afraid this'll be my only post on this blog for this month and if the doctor's correct, not THE Doctor mind you because The Doctor's always correct, for quite some time.
Let me give you a little background: Some of you may know that I work as a scaffolder, wich isn't the easiest of jobs but a man's got to feed his familly and buy miniatures for himself to paint.
I've done physical labour all my life and so I tought I could hack this one too, unfortunatly my years seem to cacht up with me.
In december last year I was diagnosed with a cacification on the right shouldermuscle (supraspinatus for the friends) and the little shit has proven to be tenacious, 2 shockwave therapies just couldn't seem to remove the little bastard so for that alone I might face surgery, I'll know for sure next friday.
This monday I went back to the MP here for a lingering tingling sentation in my right hand, he sat there unmoved while I explained what was wrong and didn't say a word untill I was finished: a possible spinal disc herniation in the neck area.....
This aint the end, those who've know me for some time now know that I've met far worse, stared it down and walked out of it so this'll be no exeption but for goodness sake: just all I wanted was to paint for a full year non-stop and reach ARAM part 12 where I left off....
So see you all soon-ish.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry to hear this just when I find you again and put you on my blogroll, will be back when you are sir....

  2. I won't be gone for long and I'm not giving up just yet.
    Today I went out to buy food for my pet lizards (yup, got those too)and I remembered that they have an ordinairy modelshop next door so I wandered in and got me something.
    My next move is to 'cheat' and paint an easy regiment in the next few days but will only post pics next month: voila, honour is saved :-)))
    This doesn't mean that my productivity wont slow down tho.

  3. OUCH, let`s start a wargamers revalidation centre together Pat?