woensdag 14 maart 2012


Hey all,

Just a quick WIP of a 15mm Orc stronghold I'm making for HOTT.
That's right folks, this guy's  planning on a small force of 'Da Green Mennaz'.
I'm not going to use any GW Orc-glyphs or any of their look on Orcs on this thing but I'm not going to make rocketscientists of them either.
This camp will still look like it's clobbered together with whatever they couldn't eat, burn or wipe their arses with, build around a 'Holy Rock' and with huge canvas canopies hung overhead at various hights.
The pictures were taken the oldfashioned way: I didn't use my studio for this, it's just to give you lot an idea.

Colours will be kept fairly simple: grey for the rocks, browns for the fortifications and ground.
The canopies will in all probabillity painted in brighter colours, possibly in native North-American style.

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