zaterdag 10 maart 2012

A regiment a month part 11: For pain and pleasure

Ok, I'm early with this post but as I told you last time I have a good reason for it and I do hope I'm wrong, I hate surgery.
It gives me hearth tho that I'm going to finish my 12 months of ARAM after all with a small bit of cheating: next month's entry will be painted this week and posted in april, it feels a bit like going back in time and change history.... now where did I leave my sonic?
Anyway, enough of the future rambling and back to this thing.
I've fielded my Nurgle army a few times now with moderate succes and you know what? The whole mono-god thingy stinks!!!
It can take some punishment and dish out a world of hurt back but it takes them some time due to a low initiative value, last game I've played I was, thanks to a spell mind, battling zombies who were quicker than my Plaguebearers!!!!
So in comes my next master: Slaanesh.
This army will be the complete opposite of the Nurgle one in every way.
Nice clean colours, spring bases with flowers and green grass, attractive female deamons, a sweet fragrance (imaginary) and... mainly GW miniatures, I just can't find cheap and suitable proxies for the Deamonettes and Seekers.
My Herald here's from Games Workshop and I was lucky enough to find her in a dusty shop somewhere in Antwerp, I rather avoid the place but it has some 'wargaming antique' including this one.
It's an old Deamonette unit champion but she's a nice hero in my opinion so I simply had to have her.


After undercoating the whole model black I painted all the skin light grey and drybrushed it to pure white.
The claws and horns were slighty builded up with a mix of black and turqouise, adding the latter for the raised areas and later a mix of turqouise and light grey for the final highlights.
The armour and buckle were painted in gold, starting with brass and a finals highlight of mithril silver.
The loincloth was a bit more special, first I mixed pink with metallic medium and lightly drybrushed it with mithril silver so it apears to be some sort of deamonic piece of fabric.
I hope you like her, I sure as hell did.. this model was painted again with gusto :-))))

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Really nice. Your description of the paint process seems a lot simpler than what my eyes are telling me.

    1. Thanks, I think because that's a/ I'm lousy at describing things LOL and b/ I paint to a tabletop quality with a few tips and tricks borrowed from the 'Eavy Metal team.

  2. Good work on that classic model sir.......

    1. Thanks, it was a joy to assemble too: grab mini, apply glue to slot, jam slot in slottabase *PRESTO* :-)))
      That bloke had about 10 or 12 'Old School' Deamonettes, command unit included, in his shop and
      I was sorely tempted to buy the lot but I've got a golden rule: Model availability.
      I'm not going to spend days searching E-bay for the rest of the unit :-p