vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Double whammy

More deamons were added to my ever expanding army.
After the main force of Nurgle and the herald of Slaanesh, Khorne's Flesh Hounds and Tzeentch's Flamers entered the fray.
Let's start with the Flamers first.
These guys provide me with some much needed magical firepower, D6 S4 shot's a piece at 18" is not something you take lightly.
For once I've allowed myself to be tempted to buy them new in Finecast...... never again.
I've seen better detail on a spat out piece of chewing gum... at last young Padawan, at the end you understand why they nicknamed it... Failcast...
Don't get me wrong, the models themselves are great and all credit to their original sculptor but moulds made for metal don't seem to be made for moulding plastic-resin...
I'll happily field them, I've tested them last monday in a small 500 pts battle and since then my friend suffers from severe Flamerphobia.
I've got a bid on 6 more of them on e-bay cheapish but after that my Finecast adventure ends.

I did my best on them, I honestly did but the detail on some of the smaller places is so shallow it hardly shows on the picture after I've painted them.
3 basecolours were chosen: yellow, purple and turquoise.
These were used on different parts of the models to give them a riot of colours and yet to tie them together as a unit.
Such is the mutating power of Tzeentch that the moss on the base is a pinkish orange and the sand turned to gold, Fool's gold no doubt.. as in parting a fool with his gold when buying Finecast...

The Flesh Hounds were a different story alltogether, they came in at a fair price from Heresy miniatures, took some fiddeling to assemble and were a bliss to paint.
I had them for some time and only now found use for them, it also gave me the good excuse to get some of Black Cat's skullbases.
I've got no idea how they'll behave on the battlefield, this I will find out this evening so fingers crossed.

I think the red skin turned out alright and they contrast nicely with the sombre bases.
I've always excperience red as a hard colour to paint, espescially on a black undercoat, but ever since I've discovered to used fine layers this difficulty has vanished like the morning mist.
Their poses are very dynamic, the heads are separate so you can assemble them to some degree of variety.
I've got some more of them to paint and, contrairy to the Flamers, I will add some more to the unit.

Till next time..

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