zaterdag 31 maart 2012

"Dum-Dum? You better run-run, for Atilla the Hun-Hun"...

... said the Easter island statue in Night at the museum.
There's truth in this, they were a fearsome bunch after all but let's go back in time for a moment.
In januari last year a few people at our club decided to go play Warmaster ancients in 6mm: cheap, easy to paint, few storage issues,.... perfect.
We've got 2 Roman armies, Gallics, Carthagians, Indians and... my Huns.
Just why I picked them I don't know but it must have something to do with it being an all cavalery army, it's not armour heavy and it's shooting is not better than those of others but it's fast, damn fast and can lure enemy units away into various traps and bottlenecks thanks to their 'Skirmishers' rule.
Generally they tend to piss people off big time, hence I love them.
And so, with a 1000 points worth of horseriding devils under my command, I fielded them once against my friends Romans in a test game... they limped home with only a handful of soldiers left and surrounded by a lot of smirking Huns, I simply love them.
Last Crisis Baccus miniatures had by chance only one 1000 point armydeal of Huns and they quickly found their way into my posession, no surprises there.
Today, after nearly 5 months, I finally found the time to assemble and base them (actually the basing was done after the pic got taken).
I had to put them a bit closer together, otherwise they would'nt fit on the picture.. all 1995 points of them

I'm already planning on augmenting the army to 3000 points and this time Atilla himself will lead to keep the allied, and otherwise unrelialable, cavalery in check with bellowed orders and fearsome treaths.
Did I allready mentioned that I love them?

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