maandag 26 maart 2012

HOTT Stronghold

Hey all,

To start with I've got good news, great news and bad news.
let's start with the good one first: at the start of this month I talked about my health issues and last week I had the final test in the hospital, it turns out that my calcification is slowly but surely receding and that I don't have a herniation so surgery is defenetly out :-)))
Bad news is it can take up a year before said calcification's completely gone and that I'm diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my neck, none of wich can be really cured.
The great news, however, is that I've finished my Hordes of the Things Stronghold.
Normally this should be mounted on a 6 by 12 inch base maximum... I just grabbed myself an old cd wich roughly covers the same surface and started from there, I simply prefer round stuff over rectangular ones.
Randomly broken and snapped off HD foam was 'kebabed' over a wooden saté-skewer for strength and glued to the base with some foam offcuts for extra support.
A rim was build out of putty and adorned with snapped toothpicks to wich bits of balsawood were glued to get that lovely Orcy touch.
More toothpicks were used in the gate and the base for the canopies, bits of kitchentissue soaked in a water/woodglue mix were draped over these.
The same W/W-mix was used to coat all the foam prior to spraypainting and after this coating was dry undiluted glue was aplied to the ground, the earthen rim and to the flat surfaces of the 'rocks' and treated with sand.
A basecoat of black was sprayed over the entire model, I mainly used earty, natural tones on the rocks, woods and sand and bright red on the canopies.
I had some fun to design and then freehand Orc-writing on the canvas.

I've also taken my first steps in painting 15mm models and boy it's weird, it's something I have to get used to and even tho I still prefer the 6 and 28mm stuff I'm gradually warming up to the 'inbetween'.

See you all next time.

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