woensdag 4 juli 2012

In the So'mer time

Last week I got an invite to come to a Malifeaux demo at the Outpost in Antwerp for next thursday, the 12th that is.
And believe it or not but I happened to have some minis for that game lying around: the Bayou Gremlins.
They're about the only faction in the game that I liked at that moment (little did I know those Japanese ghosts were on the way) and still like to be honest (who needs Japanese ghosts anyway) due to their extremely high redneck-hillbilly style.
Some time later the So'mer Teeth Jones boxed set and a few extra pigs were delivered on my doorstep.
And now, after some considerable time, I finally managed to paint up the big guy: So'mer himself.

I gave him dirty clothes, a rusty gun, an unhealthy green skintone and a red, white and blue top hat (he's American after all) wich has seen better and certainly cleaner days.
The planks are remains of a wooden walkway wich you often find in marshy areas and it's a theme featured troughout the whole... army...
All in all he's a fun little guy to paint, not overly detailed but with nice little touches like the medals on his hat and the cigar.

I hope you like him.

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