zondag 24 juni 2012

It's.... therapy

As I said before I've entered a sculpting competition hosted by Hasslefree miniatures
We were given this armature to start with

Originally I wanted to do a Dryad in the midst of transforming from tree to human form, some soft erotic stuff and I even made scetches of it.
Friday she was shoved into my mailbox and I must say that she's rather tiny and fine, no offence tho, and so the whole hippie tree chick thing went out of the window.
After pondering for a few hours I came up with an idea, it was gonna be a rather ambitious multipart project wich fitted my 'sculptingskills' just perfectly.
I didn't want to sculpt hair nor clothes, I wanted to do a fantasy thing and I wanted animal aspects in it: Centaur.... not, half horse/human stuf has been done, done, done again, done some more, done enough to piss me off and done far to many times.
So I went for a Spidertaur, or Censpider or whatever you wanna call an eight-legged invertebrate with a human torso on it.
Since the starting mini is female I besed her on the infamous Black Widow spider, I didn't want her on a fat and hairy body but more on a sleek and nasty looking one so there's the advantage of keeping her head bald alltough a small carapace looking protrution might be added.
This is what I got so far and I must say it looks pretty well.

I've got only one major problem with this whole project and that's the fact that I'm arachnophobic, so much even that on a regular basis I dash around the house shivvering and emitting sounds of utter disgust much to my son's ammusement, he asked me why I'm making a spider even though I fear them.
My reaction however tells me one thing: I'm right on track and after a shot of wodka or 3 I was ready to start working on the legs.
So yeah, it's kind of therapy.
And speaking of legs, I still got the legs of the armature lying around, I'm thinking on using them for some Arab babe in burka or nikab after this is done, just for laughs and to calm my overly stretched nerves due to sculpting an eight legged freak...

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