donderdag 14 juni 2012

And.... CUT!!!

Well, this is it.
I'm taking a break of sorts, no more painting against the clock untill further notice.
So yes, I'm quitting the ARAM for now.
First of all I felt I was struggling to get any decent project done, I kept postponing things.
Second is that I'm in all probabillity going back to school as of september and this will ask for a lot of my time and attention since my future depends on it.
So with the summerholliday coming and with it a month of gaming at GW and 2 weeks of titty staring on a French beach I'm stopping my monthly regiment stress, I feel like I deserved the needed rest.
I'm not going full stop on the whole modelling and painting stuff, oh no, I've entered a sculpting contest ( I can't sculpt for shit to be honest) and I'm keen on having a 500 points Space Marine army done (yes, the Zulus) but I'll just contribute less over the coming months, that's all.

So see you all later, a bit less but not never again!!!

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