donderdag 7 juni 2012

Moving made easy

It's a public secret that I'm reinstituting my Nercon force and I'm fiddling slightly with a Space Wolf army allthough that's not concrete yet since I might swap them for the Ebony Lions, a Space Marine chapter based on African Zulu's but with the Space Wolf rules.
Two things always made me frown a bit on 40K, one of them is the force organitation wich is pretty much set nomatter how many points you fight over but this has been rectified with Apocalyps and truth be told: you hardly see 2000+ points games on a clubnight anyway.
The second is that the mini's are in a skirmish formation and not rank-and-file and whilst this allows for a great liberty and freedom on the modeling part, it may be a bit tiresom to move your infantery about the battlefield because uptill now GW never made movetrays for 25mm rond bases.
They did, and those trays aren't overly expencive to boot wich almost made me pick some up and I do say ALMOST ....
So they were designed for Lord of the Rings and who cares? They would've been great for 40K.
Only thing is you can only fit 8 models in them instead of 10, why they did this is completely beyond me.
So it was back to square 1 and an expedition on the world wide web for something to my liking both in miniature capacity and price.
E-bay based Fenris Games stepped into that void, they sell plywood movetrays wich fit 5 models.
The trays come on 2 parts: 1 1.5mm solid base and 1 1.5mm cut out piece.
All it takes is a bit of PVA glue to fit the 2 pieces together, they're strong enough to be based, painted and flocked to your taste.
Delivery was very fast and without any problems, I can really reccomend them:

So today I've painted up 10 trays wich will see action tomorrow, the Trusty Rusties will move about even faster from now on!!

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