woensdag 30 mei 2012

A regiment a month part 13: Arise, my minions

And it's more Necrons again, ever since I've choose to carry on with my Trusty Rusties the force has been gradually expanding.
The Dahaleck Dynasty is being bolstered this month by Overlord Acinom, the Kryptec Ehtnem and 5 brandnew plastic Immortals.
The first one being the 'freebee' in the annihilation-command barge boxed set, the second is a Finecast ( and a quality one this time) and the latter.... utter bitch to assemble...
The Immortals have a tube running from their Gauss Blaster to their spine and wilsth I have no problems whatsoever with tubes running from ones weapon to ones spine as such, I do have a major issue with the tubes needing assembly smack in the middle.
Not only will the joint remain visible nomatter how many putty I use, the damn things were unnaligned to boot and no ammount of bending, glueing, threatning and swearing seemed to be of any help.
So out came the clippers and off went the tubes, I'm pretty sure that a tecnologically advanced race of killer droids can cram an adequate powersource in their guns without the need of sticking tubes up their asses for support.
I'm not going to waste space and time about the colourscheme, my previous Necronposts are already full of that.
A little word on the Kryptec perhaps since, unlike the Overlord and the Immortals, he was a bit of an unwanted child.
I needed a clearly definable Overlord and the few metal Immortals I own will be replaced by the new plastic ones so these were obvious choices but I wasn't wholly impressed by the Kryptecs at first glance.
Mind you, I had only been briefly looking at the codex at the time and out of curiousity I took a closer peek at the Kryps and their upgrades..... and wanted one pronto.
Now, kneel Mortals!!!

                                          Kryptec Ehntem

                                          Overlord Acinom

                                         The Immortals


OI!! What's this??!!

Well... it's a base, an oval one actually.
It needs to be that big and even then the 'thing' hardly fits on it.
What 'Thing' I hear you ask?
A Necron Thing
Next time

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