woensdag 23 mei 2012

Enjoying the view

As every wargamer will testify, there is no such thing as a nice flat gamingtable.
Even the most base game is played on a kitchen table with books for hills, tea mugs for trees and a hankerchief for a swamp.
I think I can safely say that 95% of all wargamers dreams about or owns a gaming area with some nice scenery fitted to space and budget available and I'm no different.
Over the years I have accumulated various pieces for my one day gamingtable (kitchentable) such as trees, a bunker etc. and last year when TSoA was having some much needed repairs done I managed to rescue a nice set of gamingtiles from the trashcontainer, much to Frau Oberst's disgust when I arrived home.
And so last sunday was the big day, I finally set up a nice little terraintable for me and my son, introducing him in Warhammer 40K in a small 150 points skirmishgame, he had a blast of a time....
All the pieces were unpainted at the time and so I descided it was due time to paint the lot and make next game even more enjoyable as the last.

This bunker was purchased at Crisis and is from the Black Cat range knocking me back a 'staggering' £15

This crashed lander was included in a 40K starteset some years ago andis my favourite terrainpiece to date                                                     

 The trees are plaster things bought from MBM models, I don't think I payed more than £1 for them.
I found the skull in a bargainbin at my local aquarium/terrarium shop.

These are scratchbuild and costed me zilch, they could be powernodes, radars or motiondetectors.

And this is what it looks like in it's full glory, mind you that only 1 tile out of 4 or 5 is used.

And our sundaybattle? Actually we played 2, Ignace's Orks vs my Necrons.... he won the second game (I helped okay?)
.....vengance will be mine.....

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