donderdag 17 mei 2012

Total annihilation

Ok I admit: may has been a very slow month so far on a modeling and painting level.
It's due to various reasons I guess, work issues (no longer an issue since last week) gaming issues (WoW's just to fun to ignore) and I've been doing a fairly ammount of reading lately.
Fear not tho, ARAM for may is underway so no issues on that department.
Earlier this week I my resolve finally gave in and I found myself dragging my feet into the GW-store in Antwerp and grabbing the last copy of Codex: Nercons.
To 'celebrate' my weakness I purchased the Command Barge/Annihilation Barge at the same time, it's one of those rare GW kits wich can give you 2, and in my case 3, models for the price of 1,HURRAY!!
It's the very first new model that I bought for this army in 8 years so needless to say I was a bit excited to assemble and add it fully painted to my collection.
The barge was constructed with carnage in mind so the 2 large boomsticks were the things of choice to be mounted on top of the vehicle, this left me with a 'free' plastic Necron Overlord (the 25mm base was included in the box).
The classic 3-B colours were applied (Bone-Blue-Bronze) so it would fit seamlessly into the rest of the force.
It's a pitty GW ditched the clear green plastic rods for the new models, must be the price tag so the barrels were painted green and highlighted to yellow.
All in all I'm happy with this model and already I'm thinking on expanding my Necron army and replacing some older OOP models like the Wraiths and the Immortals but those will come in due time.

Before I forget, I mentioned a third model made from this kit.
I had some leftover bits and since some scenarios in 40K ask for an objective marker I made this one.
It's a lost probe or something, a gizmo that enters the atmosphere at high altitude and gathers valuable military data during a supersonic flight wich it then transfers back to the fleet prior to recovery or self destruction, this one crashed tho.

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