dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Big Boris III

Heresy Miniatures exists 10 years and to celebrate this Andy Foster, owner and sculptor, released a new version of the Half-Ogre barbarian wich was his very first miniature sculpted for his own company.
Big Boris was launched april 24th and already this monday he arrived here in not so sunny Belgium.
Assembly was a quick and thankfully uneventful affair and let me tell you this big fella weighs a ton!!! Even the scenic base is made out of metal, heavy man.
The painting however took a bit longer, 4 hours or so in total since I wanted this mini to be special: lots of leather, tattoos, coloured tiles,...
I also tried to paint his axe in non metallic metals, a painting technique wich I've never braved before and had me in doubts for days up to the moment I held my brush in front of BB's weapon.
In the end I voiced my doubts to my ten year old son, who was painting an orc at the other side of the table, he sipmly shrugged and told me to just go for it... and so I did.
Let me tell you it's a difficult thing and only suitable for display pieces but it's really fun to do and it turned out better than I had hoped or expected.
So here he is in all his overly muscled glory: Big Boris!!!

Happy Birthday Andy and Boris :-)))

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