vrijdag 27 april 2012


Today I wandered into the GW store in Antwerp (why do I keep going to that accursed place), looking for The Empire armybook since I finally found a use for James Graham and his Royalist Scots and Irish when I found out that this summer they will be hosting a 650 point 40K tournament.
As we were talking about it I mentioned I still had a Necron army on shelfduty, the models were painted 8 years ago and to a good standard, they even won me best painted army once back in 2004.
I've thrown the metallic colourscheme out the window back then and went for a more Khemri-look, wich seemed to appeal to the store manager because he'd love to see them some time.
I'm a bit reluctant to field them again since the whole soul less image they had seemed gone by giving them named characters and such even though I like the new models.
Also the fact that it was 8 years ago since I painted my last Necron has always put me off into starting them again as it would be hard, not to say impossible, to reproduce the exact colourscheme.
In the end I left the store emptyhanded, the Empirebook was sold out again (I ordered a copy), and settled down in the local pub with a friend discussing different topics including a 650 point Necron army.
By the time I got home my resolve and reluctancy had buckled... The Nercons are returning..

These were painted 8 years ago, it was a fairly ambitious paintingproject and took me a rather long time to get them battleworthy.

This Destroyer Lord was painted today, it has roughly the same colours and was done in a fraction of the time it took me all those years ago.

I realise now that my paintingskills have grown, both in speed and techniques, and the fear I felt about the new models being out of cue with the rest of the army has vanished faster than a sausage in a room full of Halflings.
The next addition for the army will be an Annihilation Barge.
And the Codex ofcourse... oh dear....

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