zaterdag 7 april 2012

In the name of change

A new Herald was added today to my ever expanding Deamon army, Tzeentch is well and truly entering the fray.
I'm convinced that this bugger will come in handy, he's standard a level 2 wizard at only 115 points. Bargain.
Pink Horrors, the normal footsoldiers, are wizards too and the urge to go out and get some so I can zap the opposition to smithereens is almost arse-paralysingly intens but I must wait for now lest The Missus finds me skulking around the house again holding another box or blister and goes flying into another berzerker rage that puts Khorne to shame.
The model itself is another GW classic, I'm getting quite fond of those lately (next post lads, next post), and originally came with a flying disc wich back then fitted on a 25 x 25 mm base and not the 50 x 50 you need now.
I ditched the whole golden sand/red grass thing used previously and instead painted the sand almost black, it brings out the colours of the Herald more.
I used a slightly brighter colourscheme but not to much, not that I don't dare to make it all vibrant and shiny but it's just not my style.
I had some fun on details like the horn knife and the scroll but apart from that I kept it simple, Tzeentch Deamons are already weird enough as it is.

I hope you like him and till next time
Next up: Flamers

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