woensdag 18 april 2012

A Regiment a Month part 12: Burn baby, burn

And so a year has come and gone in nigh on 12 solid months of painting miniatures, I can't quite grasp it but it's true.
When I look back at april 2011 I remember embarking on the ARAM quest with some other likeminded fellows, I am the last one of my kind now.
Truth be told I wanted my 12th edition to be something special and go back to my roots but the thing I had planned proved harder to paint than I expected, it's not dead and gone but merely postponed so watch this space.
In stead I've painted something else: 6 classic Flamers from GW.
I picked them up at E-bay at a fair price, I prefer them over the failcast crappy ones.
At first I wanted to piant them white and with swirling colours but it just didn't work, twice I had to plunge them into breakfluid to strip the paint of!!!
I was taking this thing to far, "they're Flamers for crying out loud" I said to myself and so decided on painting them in a fiery colourscheme, all of them.
The hairs or flames on their heads were given other colours to reflect the mutating flames of Tzeentch and were achieved by working from a white basecoat to a black... highlighting..
The beaks were kept normal and seem to be the only solid thing on an otherwise ethereal and deamonic creature.
I'm very happy with how they turned out and I can proudly say that these are my best work to date but please judge for yourselves.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. lovely colour scheme, nicely painted m8.
    Now i just have to find a way to kill them on our next battle. "For the Moot and all that is Yummy"

  2. Congrats on the year and lovely painting on those retro boys!