vrijdag 8 juni 2012

I may have mentioned...

...that I was pondering on a Space Marine army.
I may have mentioned that this would be done somewhere in the future.
I may have... done the first model *sigh*
It's just a work in progress but it may give you an idea on how the mini will look like.
What you see here is my Space Marine captain: Induna Thembinkosi wich roughly in their language means Chieftain He Who Trusts in The Lord.
Various bits from both the Space Wolf and Space Marine captain sprues were used, his powersword was swapped for a spear (assegaai), the plumes and feathers were scavenged from Empire handgunners and knights and the 'pompoms' around his shins were sculpted by yours truly.

The rules for the Space Wolfs will be used for this army, both still fight in a tribal way.
Why do I keep doing stuff like this...

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