zondag 24 februari 2013

Children of the Khorne part 4: The beast of metal and blood

On pitsoned leggs it came, roaring with the fury of bound deamons.

A Deamonsmith acompanied it, he told me he was send by glorious Khorne and pledged fealty to me and my cause.

He swore to me he could build more machines of metal, flesh and warpspawn and all he asked in return were the souls of slain victims, I did not deny him.

Months of nothing and now 2 entries in a row, must be something I ate...

I always had a thing for Defilers ever since they came out 10 or so years ago, it has remained a favorite of mine.
So logically a new one would find it's way into my army, there was no other way.

These things can ditch out a world of hurt and can take some in return, if they were good before they became even better now.

It has a nice battlecannon wich can make stuff go 'splut' from a distance and 2 great fat chunky claws to cut things up and I haven't even started on the heavy flamer and the reaper cannon.. juicy.

One of it's claws is posed as if about to strike something unfortunate and I added some spikes and chains along with a few Khorne glyfs to show it's allegiancy.

This brings me now to 750 points worth of Chaos Space Marines painted.
Next will be a nice unit of Raptor: jumpinfantery.
These will be the main part of the 1000 points force I've got planned.

Game on!!!

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